Positano: from fishermen to glamor the story of Flavia De Luise lands on Rai Uno

Positano: from fishermen to glamor the story of Flavia DeLouise disembarks on Rai Uno . Our queen of hairdressers in the pearl of the Amalfi coast was the protagonist at “Today is another day”. An Italian television program, broadcast on Rai 1 from 7 September 2020 with the conduction of Serena Bortone. The program is broadcast live from Monday to Friday, from 14:05 to 16:05, from Studio 3 of the Raffaella Carrà TV production center in Rome.

The emotion shone through the program, but also the great personality of Flavia who at 82 years old proves to be that great woman who has carried on this activity with so many sacrifices “When we opened nobody went to the hairdresser .. there was passion, but a lot of work, professionalism, I always looked into it and a lot of empathy with the customers …” Then he spoke of some prestigious customers “Lots of people from actors to queens, Paula of Liegi grew up in Positano, Sharon Stone a Hollywood diva who struck me for her simplicity and availability, the great Fontana sisters, Romina’s mother was beautiful, but with Tyron Power the clock would stop…” . Flavia perfectly conveys the idea of ​​the inhabitants of Positano who have rolled up their sleeves and who from every hole have obtained an activity for their own sustenance and that of the family, as well as then creating income and work for the whole district, and have made with a lot of passion, enthusiasm, desire to work and always offer the best, making everyone feel at home, the hairdresser’s shop was a real living room where we confided, we felt like family, where the real secret was kindness, here where Tolstoy could really say “Beauty will save the world”, that extra touch that the people of Positano have always had in the past, the hospitality and humanity that has distinguished us.

The images of Positano at the shop that saw the whole world pass in front of it were very suggestive. Here the history of tourism of the Vertical City really passed. A story that Flavia De Luise told in her beautiful autobiography “My Positano”Albatros editions, edited by Alessandra Baduel.

For more than sixty years Flavia was, with her sister Luisa, the hairdresser of Positano, and there is no visitor to the place – from princes to plumbers – of which she does not know.

From the post-war period to today, notoriety and famous clients have only grown.

But before the vertical city became one of the most photographed places in the world, Positano was, for quite some time, the place where things happened.

One of the most interesting things in the book is that Flavia has a double perspective: she talks about both the guests who made her country immortal and the transformations of the place. There are several curious anecdotes in the 90 pages of memoirs: like when Sting, before becoming famous, was a DJ for the local disco; the kindness of Sharon Stone, or the nights disguised as Saracens or soldiers for the precious dinner masses of Leonide Massine; the romantic love of the Milanese “Pinuccia”, the sexiest and most cheeky model of the Ventura tailoring. The passion between Alberto Sordi and Andreina Pagnani, that between Franca Valeri and Vittorio Caprioli. But also Margareth of England, Paola Di Liegi, Giuliana and Bernardo of Holland. And Rudol’f Nureev didn’t stay at Li Galli all the time…

Flavia De Luise also recounts the initiative and ability of many fellow citizens who, like her, worked hard to learn the trade better and better, without losing the kindness that made Positano a unique place. She and her sister went to Paris to study the trade and had clients who gladly came to have their hair cut, styled and styled even from very far away. Crowned heads were also naturally styled in her shop, but the idea of ​​hanging pictures of well-known customers never occurred to her. If anything, she proudly displays photos of the brides she has styled. About her It tells the story of the American mother and daughter who decided to get married in Capri and celebrate in Positano by asking her to style them for the occasion.

Flavia talks about the satisfaction of having created a hairstyle capable of withstanding the wind and the waves of the crossing, but also the disappointment in knowing that her very rich clients had made the money they generously gave on the coast by selling weapons: they were the Colt ladies. It is a detailed story, which Alessandra Baduel, editor of the volume, has enriched with her grandmother Milaide Riccio’s diary: names and numbers transformed by Flavia De Luise into as many stories. Maurizio Garofalo, who oversaw the photographic research, managed to transform this journey down memory lane into a journey through time accessible to all.

Positano: from fishermen to glamor the story of Flavia De Luise lands on Rai Uno – Positanonews