PCC prioritizes dialogue in complex pine communities (+Photos)

Nueva Gerona, Sep 14 (ACN) visit of the Secretariat of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba (CC PCC) and its auxiliary structure has among its priorities dialogue with neighbors and social actors in the largest number of complex communities in Isle of Youth.

One of the 35 settlements identified in vulnerable conditions in the territory was Cocodrilo, located 100 kilometers from the main city, where Norberto Ramos, deputy head of the Department of Attention to Services of the CC PCC, urged community actors to work hard in food production for self-sufficiency.

He suggested that one of the strategic missions of that locality should be to clear an area to promote a productive pole with its livestock module, find mechanisms that favor the self-management of commerce and gastronomy, and demand that the delegation of the National Institute of Hydraulic Resources conclude the desalination plant, investment dating from 2019.

Evelio Lavadie, delegate of that constituency 12 years ago, alluded to other works of social benefit that are undertaken there, among which the improvement of 53 kilometers of the Cayo Piedra-Cocodrilo road and the 306-kilowatt photovoltaic solar park stand out, all with delays in the execution schedule.

He reported that three families reside in this southern town in conditions of vulnerability –whose monetary incapacity makes it impossible to reverse the poor technical construction of their homes by their own efforts–, seven mothers with three or more children and 14 unemployed young people, who are not interested in the job offers because they are not attractive.

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In dialogue with the population, the political leader learned that among their unsatisfied demands are the concretion of the social circle, approaching the stomatological service, having a physiatrist, having equipment or means to attend emergencies due to the distance of the town from the main health facility. of the territory and enable the Family Care System for 18 older adults.

Social justice, a sense of community, personal well-being, community collaboration, empowerment and access to resources are some of the principles that support the development of the community, as recognized by sociology.

The culmination of today’s session were the meetings with the workers of the School Transportation Base Business Unit and the Cuba Taxi Agency, entities responsible for ensuring the dynamic test and referendum on the Family Code to be held on the 18th and September 25 to come, respectively.

Both scenarios were propitious for Ramos to recognize the work of these work groups that, attached to the 43 measures approved by the Council of Ministers to perfect the socialist state company, allow them to maintain the economic vitality of their respective entities, fulfill their social mission and diversify services.

Tomorrow concludes in Isla de la Juventud the visit of the Secretariat of the Central Committee of the Party and its auxiliary structure, which began last September 12, which had among its purposes to evaluate the state of compliance with the ideas, concepts and guidelines of the 8th. Congress with emphasis on the main missions of the governing organization of the society.







PCC prioritizes dialogue in complex pine communities (+Photos)