Paris: 3 immersive experiences to test at the start of the school year

Police investigation, heist of the century in a laboratory, diving into the universe of the cult series Friends… Several immersive activities are in the spotlight in the capital. Here are 3 experiences to try for fun with family or friends, and stimulate your neurons.

the most criminal: “Murder Party”

A life-size detective story. Lovers of criminal enigmas will be able to put on a detective’s coat thanks to the Murder Mystery experience (Paris 16th), signed Fever Originals. Nestled in a 400 m2 mansion, each participant will have the task of elucidating a murder committed on the spot in 1948, in the middle of a birthday party. To do this, everyone will have to gather clues by wandering the three floors, overhear conversations, and interrogate the suspects. Knowing that eight professional actors in the shoes of a Parisian bourgeois family will be around to cover their tracks. Between escape-game and immersive theatre, this 2-hour activity, to be enjoyed alone or in a group, will put your brain to the test.

“Murder Mystery: Immersive Investigation in a Mansion”Mansion in the 16th arrondissement, 9 rue de l’Amiral d’Estaing (Paris 16th), from 12 years old.

The most nostalgic: “The Friends Experience”

After Washington DC, Toronto and New York, the long-awaited immersive exhibition “The Friends Experience” is coming to Paris. Unconditional fans of the cult series Friends, which follows a happy group of New York friends, camped in particular by Jennifer Aniston, David Schwimmer and Matt LeBlanc, are expected from November 21 at the Parc des Expositions (Paris 15th) to replay the legendary scenes. For their greatest pleasure, visitors will be able to have their picture taken in the sets of the program, sit on the famous orange sofa in Central Perk, invite themselves into Joey and Chandler’s apartment, or even sit down at a table in the Monica and Rachel’s kitchen. Created by Superfly X and Warner Bros, “The Friends Experience” also brings together many accessories, including Monica’s turkey head.

©The Friends Experience

“The Friends Experience”1 place de la Porte de Versailles (Paris 15th), from November 21 (tickets are on sale from September 21).


To stimulate his senses, head to The One Escape (Paris 2nd), and more specifically, the laboratory of Doctor Grant, a mad scientist on a campus who is working on an experimental molecule that could increase an individual’s intellectual capacities tenfold. Your goal? Break into his lab with the help of a computer crack, and get his hands on this substance. But the Doctor is ready to do anything to protect his precious discovery. Once there, watch out for the anti-intrusion system and the powerful nerve gases, which cause many chemical hallucinations. Budding chemists will have to continue the operation in an inverted universe, and time is running out. In total, each team has one hour to brilliantly accomplish this mission, which upsets all our benchmarks.

“Chemical Hallucinations in Dr. Grant”The One Escape, 39 Rue de Palestro (Paris 2nd).

Paris: 3 immersive experiences to test at the start of the school year