Paradiso XXXIII by Elio Germano and Teho Teardo. A show to live

Is it perhaps in the end that the beauty of the 33rd canto of Dante Alighieri’s Paradise is gathered? Is it in the sentence best known to us of his verses that each of us can find ourselves? “The love that moves the sun and the other stars”. Isn’t it these words that our lives revolve around? We, human beings, atoms, particles connected with nature and with those stars, moved only by the purest of feelings: love.

Simple reading? It is unthinkable to define it like this, but after all it would be enough just to say the name of Elio Germano to know with certainty that it could not be any of the above. Perfection that becomes theatricality, literature that meets reality and transforms it into a show full of emotions, tensions, reflections and vibrations.


A show that tells what cannot be told, a Dantesque journey into the discomfort of the human being and then again a poignant, engaging, exciting interpretation. The words of a wonderful song, the 33rd of Dante Alighieri’s Paradiso, alternate with mysterious and avant-garde music, that of the composer Teho Teardo. Notes and words are joined by images and plays of stroboscopic lights, an ensemble of elements that leave the viewer in suspense for the entire duration of the show. An hour, scarce, in which the spectator remains hypnotized, allowing himself to be enchanted by the power of emotions, allowing the stage to capture his only attention without being able to look away.

A show that needs no explanation, ‘Paradise XXXIII‘, will be staged in: Savona (from 24 to 26 November), Viareggio (27 November), Follonica (28 November), Jesi (29 November), Bra (5 February), Bitonto (8 February), Foggia (9 and February 10), Mira (February 12), Gorizia (February 13), Cattolica (February 15), Bergamo (February 16), Rome (February 18), Pescara (February 27), Urbino (February 28), Massa (2- March 3), Campi Bisenzio (March 30).

Direction: Simone Ferrari, Lulu Helbaek

Protagonists: Elio Germano, Teho Teardo

Elio Germano and Teho Teardo

Elio Germano, born in 1980, is an actor and director. In 2021 he received the Best Actor award at the David di Donatello for the film I wanted to hide, playing the role of the painter Antonio Ligabue. Absolutely one of the best actors in the Italian film scene. He has always been passionate about acting, so much so that he became his job before he was 13 years old. During his high school years, he continues with the study of acting, passing from the theater, but without ever leaving it, to roles for TV and cinema. Note the interpretations of him in: What will become of us, Criminal novel, My brother is an only child, Whole life ahead. Italians, The past is a foreign land, As God commands, Our life, Magnificent presence, Diaz, Angel face, The fabulous young man, Suburra, Alaska, I am Tempesta, The incredible story of the island of roses.

Teho Teardo, pseudonym of Mauro Teardo, born in 1966, is a musical composer, famous for soundtracks and music for cinema, theater and television. He has collaborated with various Italian and international artists: Mich Harris, Ramleh, Pacific 231, Zeni Geva, Chiara Guidi and many others. His activity began in 1985 and among the soundtracks, those for films stand out: The Runaway, The Family Friend, Chocolate Lessons, The Star, Past in a Strange Land, A Quiet Life, Summer Is Ending And The day and the night.

Elio Germano and Teho Teardo have staged in Italian theatres, and not only Paradise XXXIII, but also: The dream of one thing by Pier Paolo Pasolini e Journey at the end of the night by Louis-Ferdinand Céline.

Paradiso XXXIII by Elio Germano and Teho Teardo. A show to live