Palmi’s “Salute Negata” movement delivers 800 ballot papers to the Prefect · Il Reggino

A delegation from the Palmi “Salute Negata” Spontaneous Civic Movement was received by the Prefect of Reggio Calabria for the delivery of the approximately 800 ballot papers collected in almost a month of activity.

The meeting in the prefecture was held in the presence, as well as the prefect, of Dr. Di Furia (asp commissioner) Eng. Gidaro (regional health building manager as well as manager of the new hospital of the Piana) and the acting mayor of the Metropolitan City Versace. “The atmosphere was cordial but also very frank in putting our position clearly, exhaustive and explicit. The Prefect, expressing his regret for the delivery of electoral certificates, affirmed the value of democratic participation in the selection of our representatives, underlining the importance of voting as an expression of civic participation that becomes the construction of a collective action.

The delegation of the Movement underlined how the strong initiative was born not from an observation of today but from the awareness that for 25 years there has been literally crumbled the systemic aspect health care in the GT plain; he argued about the damage suffered with the consequent pulverization of the health system. The exponents also reiterated that this led to unprecedented medical emigration, putting the less fortunate citizens in difficulty;

The declination of the word politics is highlighted exclusively by what we, observing the territory, see translated into services and therefore as constitutional guarantees and protections. It was learned with satisfaction that the Asp RC Commissioner, Dr. Lucia Di Furia, demonstrating great competence and pragmatism, it has already implemented actions aimed at improving hospital health services and territorial: it has purchased several ultrasound tomographs, and other equipment, to be installed in the various hospitals and territorial structures, has proceeded with the hiring of cardiologists, has banned the hours of outpatient specialist and many other interventions are in progress.

These activities are of significant importance as they are suitable for operationally implementing the Community Houses, which will be the reference centers where we citizens we will find our family doctors, our specialists, tools suitable for carrying out first level diagnostic investigations; in short, in the overwhelming majority of cases it will be what before and improperly went directly to the hospital. This is the reason why these structures are central, necessary and strategic, and only those who, from the diagnostic results, actually need them will go to the hospital.

The discussion then shifted to the New Ospedale della Piana, certainly the most important health infrastructure that the Territory has been waiting for for 15 years. In this regard, Eng. Pasquale Gidaro remotely, who illustrated the state of the art of the troubled process, reaffirming what has already been known for some time. On this particular aspect the delegation recordsunfortunately, the usual inability to speed up the procedures. The long meeting ended with the promise by all the institutional actors to open a channel of continuous dialogue with the delegation present. The exponents of the Movement reiterated that until they see tangible and significant improvements in the situation on the field, their renouncement of the vote will remain.

Palmi’s “Salute Negata” movement delivers 800 ballot papers to the Prefect · Il Reggino