Pajaritos de la calle will start “a conversion process”

Through a statement, they expressed that “we will begin a reconversion process, which includes socio-community approach strategies, under an alternative format and according to the current context, aimed at the same population for which we have worked since 1997: children, girls and adolescents. This includes the termination of the agreements acquired with the Children’s Organization of the Province of Bs As. As of December 31 of this year, to whom we are grateful for the support received during these more than 25 years.”


We have made the pertinent steps and we can confirm today that, as of January 2023, the Municipality of Tandil will assume the commitment to materially and operationally accompany the actions that are deployed from here. Likewise, within this proposal, the Pachacamac Foundation also joins, which has been developing socio-community work for more than 35 years under the same mission as our Association.

The mission of our Association, since the implementation of the Programs, is to address the problems of children and adolescents between the ages of 6 and 18 and their families, who are in a situation of vulnerability, providing a space for HUMAN PROMOTION from containment, accompaniment, recreation and training.

The current context makes us reconsider the strategies developed and that is why from our Association we assume, with the commitment, responsibility and professionalism that identifies us, the development of new proposals, always aimed at children and adolescents of this city, managing and generating strategic alliances with local actors, for this purpose.

We are defining the same, which will be informed shortly and from where the families that have been part of the programs will be summoned again to continue their participation, also adding a reciprocal commitment to guarantee their sustainability.

It is important to clarify that, from that Civil Association, at no time was the “closure” of the programs or neighborhood spaces raised, so we do not assume what the unofficial versions have generated, absolutely exceeding our responsibility.

The Callejeadas Program will continue to accompany families and particular situations that require this approach, also adding an intervention, as a technical team of this Association, in situations that require accompaniment to guarantee educational completion (primary and secondary level). , the possibility of continuing studies at the tertiary and/or university level, as well as vocational training, respecting the concerns, profiles, aptitudes and vocation of each person. It is important to mention that this Program is operating under a collaboration agreement with the Directorate of Children, Adolescents and Family of the Secretary of Human Development and Habitat of the Municipality of Tandil, which is still IN FORCE.

The La Casita de la Unión Reference Center Program, within its reconversion, proposes other possible scenarios for the deployment of socio-community approach strategies, respecting the context of proximity, accessibility and the population attentive to being received based on their own concerns. For this, we are also evaluating new formats according to the current demand of that particular area.

The Pajaritos de la Calle Civil Association has been operating for 25 years THANKS to the commitment of our city, both individuals, companies, businesses, events, government organizations and all those who compose it, to whom we are eternally grateful for the support received .

Pajaritos de la calle will start “a conversion process”