Aquapendant: Sunday 20 November at 17.30 at the Boni Theater in Acquapendente will be staged “Non-human destination”, new show by the Fort Apache Cinema Theater Company, the latest production project that involves the interpreters of FACT, actors and ex-convicts trained in the prisons of origin and today, film and stage professionals. The Company, which has been included for some time in the national distribution circuit and in the Research and Training Projects of the La Sapienza University of Rome, is directed by Valentina Esposito, author and director engaged for almost twenty years in conducting theatrical activities, inside and outside the Italian prisons. Two national previews of the show were staged precisely one year ago at the Spazio Rossellini in Rome, after the rehearsals open to aspiring Teatro Sociale operators, which had taken place in the same space.

After the extraordinary success around Italy of the show “Family”, the FORT APACHE Company is back on the scene with a new staging, written and directed by Valentina Esposito, which describes her latest work thus: «Destination non-human is a fable without morals, as bitter and inhuman as a fairy tale can be, built on the solitudes to which the time we live forces us and on the thought of death, on the emptiness left by those who have gone, on pain, anger, fear. On the bestial effort to live against and despite the certainty of death. Seven genetically defective racehorses forcibly share old age pending slaughter. In the scenic and dramaturgical game, the imaginative story of human beasts becomes a pretext for a profound reflection on the tragic theme of predestination, illness, death, the precariousness and brevity of existence, individual responsibility with respect to the choices made in the course of life . bThe initiative makes use of the precious collaboration of the Rossellini Space in Rome, the multidisciplinary cultural pole of the Lazio Region, managed by ATCL Multidisciplinary Circuit of Lazio, which becomes the Theater Residence of the Company on trial, and of Sapienza University of Rome – Department of History Anthropology Religions SARAS Art and Entertainment. The rerun of November 20, 2021 is part of the Program of the National Review of Theater in Prison CROSSED DESTINY Editions n.7 and 8 unified by the National Coordination of Theater in Prison.

FORT APACHE CINEMA THEATER was established in 2014 by the will of Valentina Esposito, author and director engaged for almost twenty years in the direction of theatrical activities inside and outside the spaces of confinement. The project involves ex-convicts and alternatively-convicted actors who have embarked on a path of professionalisation and insertion into the entertainment system. He collaborates with various film and television productions, film and casting agencies for the job placement of ex-convicts and alternatively detained citizens in the Entertainment System, and with Sapienza University of Rome on Research and Training activities related to the Teatro Sociale. In 2016 the film Ombre della Sera was made for the cinema, directed by Valentina Esposito, nominated for the 2017 Silver Ribbon. In 2018 Marcello Fonte, stable actor of the Company, won the Golden Palm at the Cannes Film Festival and the European Film Awards in Seville as Best Actor for the film Dogman by Matteo Garrone. The distribution of the documentary Fort Apache is underway at the main national and international film festivals (presented in October 2020 at MIA – International Audiovisual Market as part of the Rome Film Fest, the only Italian documentary in official selection at SIFF – Shanghai International Film Festival 2021, nominated for the Golden Goblet. Selected for the RIFF Rome Independent Film Festival Awards 2021 in the National Documentary Competition section). The Association carries out Cultural Mediation Projects and integrated workshops with students from High Schools and Universities. A theatrical training course is active at the Prison of Velletri (Future Scenarios Project, with the support of the Lazio Region).

Valentina Esposito (1975). Author and director. She graduated in Literature at the Sapienza University of Rome with full marks, she graduated from the Enrico Maria Salerno School of Theater Art. From 1995 to 2016 she worked at the Ribalta-Centro Studi Enrico Maria Salerno carrying out activities of cultural promotion and theatrical production with particular attention to social issues. In 2003 she debuted with her first theater direction at the Piccolo Teatro Studio in Milan as part of the Teatri dello Sport review with the show Bocchisiero by V. Esposito and F. Vaselli. In 2005 he won the selection at the Biennial of Young Artists of Europe and the Mediterranean in Naples with the show 50 Lire by V. Esposito and F. Vaselli, Enrico Maria Salerno Award for European Dramaturgy 2007. From 2003 to 2016 he shared the direction of the activities theaters at the CC ROME REBIBBIA NC Since 2008 he has directed the Company of the G8 Long Sentence Detention Department realizing various productions in collaboration with the Teatro di Roma and Teatro Quirino di Roma (Journey to the island of Sakhalin, Fitzcarraldo, Exodus, La festa, La raft of stone). In 2011 he was responsible for organizing the theatrical part of the film Cesare must die directed by the Taviani Brothers, Golden Bear in Berlin 2012, winner of 5 David di Donatello and Silver Ribbon to the Cast. In 2014 he founded and hosts FACT – FORT APACHE CINEMA THEATER with actors in alternative measure and ex-inmates, training facility and theatrical production outside the prison, established in 2016 in the Cultural Association of which he is President. With Fort Apache he made the shows Tempo binario, Famiglia and his first feature film for cinema Ombre della Sera, nominated for the 2017 Silver Ribbon, Special Jury Mention Award at BAFICI 2016 – Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Cinema, Official Selection. In 2020 you write and produce in collaboration with Jumping Flea Srl the docufilm Fort Apache currently being distributed. Lecturer at La Sapienza University of Rome – Department of History of Art and Performing Arts – Chair of Social Theater Theories and Techniques.

Protagonists Fabio Albanese, Alessandro Bernardini, Matteo Cateni, Chiara Cavalieri, Christian Cavorso, Viola Centi, Massimiliano De Rossi, Massimo Di Stefano, Emma Grossi, Gabriella Indolfi, Michele Fantilli, Giulio Maroncelli, Piero Piccinin, Giancarlo Porcacchia, Fabio Rizzuto, Edoardo Timmi. Mari Caselli costumes – scenographic design by Valentina Esposito. Scenography Edoardo Timmi – music Luca Novelli – lights Alessio Pascale – sound engineer Luigi Di Martino – stage photographer Jo Fenz – organization Ilaria Marconi, Giorgia Pellegrini, Martina Storani, Sofia Tremontini.

“Non-human destination” on stage at the Boni Theater in Acquapendente