New life for the Zambra cinema auditorium in Ortona, we start with the new management of Unaltroteatro

The manufacturing company Another theater kicks off the season 2022/2023 in the new theater and cinema space of the Municipality of Ortona (Chieti). The cinema auditorium Zambraclosed and unused since 2013, after the works started by the institution in 2017, today allows the Abruzzo region, and in its new version, to take advantage of a location that comes back to life and which will inaugurate the season on September 30th at 9pm, with ‘No thank you‘when Adriano Falivene will take the stage under the direction of Antonio Perna and the production of Murìcena Teatro.

Unaltroteatro was born in 2017 from the intuition of the actor and director Arturo Scognamiglio And Lorenza Sorino, actress and director. In June 2018 the company obtained recognition from the Ministry of Cultural Heritage as an Under 35 theatrical production company, it deals with production and training for the Theatrical Art and promotes the development of the performing and visual scenic arts and it is in 2020 that the team expands with the entrance of Davide Borgobellowriter, author and producer: with this entry the projects become more and more important.

The new reality in Ortona becomes the ideal background to welcome training and entertainment projects with the ambition of becoming once again a center of aggregation and growth of critical thinking for the city and a reference point for Abruzzo. There are many initiatives designed to enhance this renewed ‘cultural pole’.

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Another theater also looks very carefully at other forms of art and therefore offers cinema, site specific events, meetings, workshops and a training school, the UT Factory, to give young people the opportunity to discover all the professions that are in front of and behind them the wings with specialized teachers who, starting from the Ortonese and Abruzzese territories, have trod national and international stages and sets. Collaborations with Ciak City, Artinvita, the other theatrical realities of Ortona and the Municipality of Ortona.

“The intent is to offer works that can bring young audiences closer to the theater – underline the founders of Unaltroteatro – we look at the new generations who, in the last two years, have suffered more than others from the consequences of the pandemic. Precisely for this reason we have chosen, for the slogan of the season, the word ‘courage’, because now is the time to be courageous and take back your dreams ”.

“Welcome and exchange. Thanks also to the nascent collaboration with all the schools in the Ortona area, we intend not to overlap but to integrate the offer already present in the area – they explain. – We realized, after a careful analysis carried out in the city, that we need to provide young people with the tools, listening and the opportunity to express themselves in order to understand, choose and create. Ours is an invitation to discover the magic that hides behind and in front of the stage ”.

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Who are the members of Unaltroteatro:


Actor, director and lighting designer trained in various realities in Italy (Galante Garrone acting school in Bologna, Teatro del Navile) and in London in 2011 (OldVic Theater, National Theater) and worked with actors and directors such as Renato Carpentieri, Mauro Avogadro, Marco Manchisi, Ennio Coltorti, Gabriele Lavia just to name a few, as an actor he is the protagonist of various shows directed by Tony Laudadio, Andrea Renzi and begins a fruitful collaboration with Teatri Uniti.

For television he works in various television series directed by Giulio Manfredonia (Undercover), Edoardo De Angelis (Sueño Bendito), Carmine Elia (Mare fuori) Sergio Mimica-Gezzan (I Medici Master of Florence) alongside actors such as Guido Caprino , Claudio Gioè, Dustin Hoffmann and Richard Madden and others. He founded the Unaltroteatro company in 2017 together with other colleagues;


Actress and theater director began her artistic career at the age of 13 with the Krak theater. In 2000 she graduated as a prose actress at Alessandra Galante Garrone’s School of Theater in Bologna. You work with various directors such as Francesca Mazza, Angela Amalfitano, Vittorio Franceschi, Marco Manchisi, M. Schmidt, A. Popovsky, Gabriele Lavia just to name a few.

He is the protagonist of various theatrical shows and in 2006 for the cinema he is the protagonist of the film Honor the Father and the Mother by Gianni Leacche and takes part in the film Janara by Roberto Bontà Polito, for TV he works in television series such as RIS 2, Un Medico in the family, Don Matteo and plays alongside Gigi Proietti in Il Signore della Truffa. Since 2012 he has been teaching acting in various realities. He founded the Unaltroteatro company together with other colleagues in 2017;

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Screenwriter and writer, he graduated in Film Screenplay at the Rome Film Academy. He founded the DUEL association operating in independent cinema in 2013 and writes numerous commercials, short films and pilot episodes for television series. Since 2015 he has been the owner of Art and Magic, a company operating in the audiovisual sector.

As a writer, he won the 38th Leonforte festival with “Una cena”, and was a finalist at the Bologna Yellow Festival with the novel “The truths of nightmares”, later winner of the independent narrative award, published by Walter Manzoni. He participates in the program “Scriptor – Authors on the grill”, a literary talent show for writers. Since 2020 he is partner and CEO of Unaltroteatro srl.

New life for the Zambra cinema auditorium in Ortona, we start with the new management of Unaltroteatro – The Walk of Fame