Neighborhood organization, mobilization of more law enforcement officers and intelligence work: the suggestions given to attend to the Nueva Prosperina district, which has more than 200 homicides | Security | News

The most recent victim of a violent act in the Nueva Prosperina district died this week. A second-year high school student was shot after leaving an educational campus in the La Delicia cooperative, in the La Ladrillera sector, and after a week of being hospitalized he died.

The case plunged the family into pain and left anxiety in this community in the northwest of Guayaquil, which together with Durán and Samborondón make up Zone 8, the jurisdiction with the most murders in the country.

During this week, the figure passed the thousand cases with three and a half months to go until the end of 2022, when last year the registration in the same period was 439 crimes, so the increase is 128%.

After the murder of a student, an educational campus in La Ladrillera returns to virtuality

Of the twelve districts into which Guayaquil is divided, Nueva Prosperina is the one with the highest incidence of homicides. Between January 1 and September 14 of this year, 199 violent deaths were committed there, compared to 55 in 2021.

In the period described, only this district – which covers a large part of the northwest of the city of Buenos Aires, sectors such as Monte Sinaí, Nuevo Guayaquil, Flor de Bastión, Nueva Prosperina, El Fortín, Paraíso de la Flor and Socio Vivienda – registers so far more murders than the Metropolitan District of Quito (113) and than entire provinces, such as Santo Domingo (95), Cañar (69), Sucumbíos (55), Santa Elena (62), Azuay (40) and many others.

Within the Nueva Prosperina district, until Friday morning, the number of homicides rose to 203 cases. One of the most conflictive places is Socio Vivienda, a housing plan raised in the government of Rafael Correa, where families who previously lived on the banks of the Salado estuary were located, in risk areas, among other cases.

With the passing of time, this site was practically taken over by criminal gangs dedicated to the sale of drugs, contract killings, robberies and kidnappings for extortion.

Early Thursday morning, as part of the seventh intervention of the sector with the military and police, fifteen raids were carried out in Socio Vivienda in which nine people (seven men and two women) suspected of participating in at least four reported kidnappings were arrested. by merchants from the Bay of Guayaquil.

Of these kidnappings, the best known case occurred on May 20, when a father who was going to drop his children off at school was kidnapped along with the children. This event occurred in the San Felipe sector, in the Florida district.

The adult was released the next day to get $20,000 to free his children. The father paid 5,000 dollars and four days later the minors were returned to him, but they demanded the monthly payment of 5,000 dollars, for which the man reported the case and the National Directorate for the Investigation of Kidnapping and Extortion (Unase) assumed the respective investigation. .

But there are other cases of merchants and taxi drivers who, after being kidnapped, have been taken to abandoned houses of Socio Vivienda as captives.

In the new state of exception signed by the Executive on September 12, which will govern for 30 days in Zone 8 (Guayaquil, Durán and Samborondón), it is indicated that the commission of homicides in this jurisdiction is 75% related to the drug traffic.

The Socio Vivienda housing plan, which belongs to the Nueva Prosperina district, remains under police and military protection due to the crime rates there. Photo: The Universe

The current regime is the second in a row, since from August 14 to September 12 there was a first decree after the attack with explosives in Cristo del Consuelo, south of the city of Buenos Aires, which caused the death of five people and left injured 18 others.

“How to stop violent deaths?” is the question asked by the residents of the Nueva Prosperina district, who are daily witnesses or victims of the criminal boom.

Carlos Sevillano, an expert in national security, is in favor of recovering public space, of strengthening coexistence based on neighborhood organization, something that is achieved, he said, through social, cultural, recreational and educational activities. Here, he said, coordinated participation between the council and government agencies related to the social area is essential.

“All the actors must dialogue and express their concerns, demands or suggestions to reach consensus. Work effectively and make security an issue of citizen participation and organization”, he stated.

“For this to develop, it is necessary to coordinate regular meetings between the community, zonal administrators, Municipal Police, National Police and representatives of relevant institutions in the sector,” he added.

He believes that serving the adolescent and youth population with educational programs in the form of workshops that, for example, contain careers or short-term practical trades is decisive in preventing this group from linking up with criminal groups.

For his part, Antonio Gagliardo, former provincial prosecutor of Guayas, pointed out that taking advantage of the state of emergency, a greater number of uniformed Police and Armed Forces can be mobilized to the sectors of the Nueva Prosperina district that register the most conflict. And to do so, he added, it is vital to identify the criminal gangs operating in those areas.

“What can be done? For example, improve intelligence work by the Police and the Armed Forces themselves to find the origin of what gangs exist there and do more in-depth work in that entire area. There should be better lighting, cameras. Also, that the Police have a more effective contact with the citizens”, mentioned the former official.

He considered it necessary to carry out more controls that even involve the infiltration of agents among criminal groups. “Just as crime has increased, the police, military, intelligence presence must increase, offer rewards, infiltrate in order to obtain results, because this is overflowing,” said Gagliardo, who added that the fact that the number of crimes almost has quadrupled in this district is worrying and requires special attention.

Nine suspected of participating in kidnappings are arrested in Socio Vivienda; the sector is intervened due to the criminal incidence that it registers

He suggested coordinated work between the Police and the Judiciary to prevent arrests without proper evidence that would later allow suspects of some crime to go free.

“If there are elements of strong conviction, evidence, the judge must be more linked to society and dictate preventive detention measures. In other words, the judge should not be so legalistic, such a defender of human rights, and allow dangerous people to go free. That of the substitute measures is for people who offend for the first time, who incur in a minor crime (…); but people with an extensive criminal record, with weapons that are found as evidence, with drugs, should be given preventive detention, ”he sentenced. (YO)

Neighborhood organization, mobilization of more law enforcement officers and intelligence work: the suggestions given to attend to the Nueva Prosperina district, which has more than 200 homicides | Security | News