NCIS: The real reason why actress Emily Wickersham left the series

Emily Wickersham decided to leave NCIS after season 18. Her character left to become a spy, but why did the actress walk away from the show?

NCIS is one of the longest-running TV shows, so it makes sense that the show has seen its fair share of cast changes over time. However, the series still continued. Mark Harmon’s Agent Gibbs was a big part of maintaining continuity, but at the start of the current 19th season he decided to step down from his starring role (although fans are still hoping he’ll return) .

NCIS: The reason Emily Wickersham left the show.

Gibbs’ departure was monumental; not only did he shock the audience, but he also caused an emotional upheaval in some characters… Unfortunately, his departure was so significant that it overshadowed Emily Wickersham’s decision to also leave the series after several seasons in the role of Constable Ellie Bishop. Here’s why Emily Wickersham left NCIS and what happened to Bishop.

Agent Bishop first appeared in NCIS Season 11. She was introduced as an NSA analyst before becoming a liaison between the NSA and NCIS, then being offered a full-time position at NCIS. Loving snacks and working cross-legged on the floor, Bishop approached everything she did as a perfectionist. In fact, she took offense when Gibbs spared her in the wake of Ziva’s “death.”

Why did Emily Wickersham leave NCIS?

Although no official reason was given for his departure at the time, it was Wickersham who decided to leave NCIS. She released a statement on Instagram about the series.

“I hang this hat and this jacket. What a great trip it has been. This cast, this team, it’s high level. I can’t say enough good things about this band I had the pleasure of working with for almost 8 years and 172 episodes later. This industry is picky and consistency is a rare commodity.”

“I was lucky to be part of a show where I got to play, play, laugh and learn with wonderful people. A moment in time that I will surely never forget. Thanks to CBS and NCIS for making me a part of television history. Time flies. Eat it but chew it slowly.”

NCIS: As she announced on Instagram, the actress may have left the show to focus on her pregnancy.

Since she didn’t give a reason for leaving, many fans just assumed she was leaving to pursue other projects, like Julian McMahon with FBI: Most Wanted. However, she hadn’t been attached to any projects since NCIS. Emily Wickersham announced on Instagram a big news: she was pregnant. So, from what she’s said and shared on social media, it looks like Emily Wickersham has stepped away from NCIS to focus on spending time with her family and preparing for the arrival of her first child.

NCIS: The real reason why actress Emily Wickersham left the series