“My secret”: find out how and where to watch the new telenovela

A new production of TelevisaUnivision reaches the screens of all Mexican families. Is about “My secret”, the new version of the drama entitled “An intruder has arrived” (1974), which brings together a recognized group of actors and whose plot will surprise more than one. Find out here the schedule and where to watch this telenovela.

My secret” has as protagonists Macarena Garcia Y Diego klein, two acting professionals who play Isidora do you live Y Andres Baida. The soap opera produced by Carlos Moreno promises to become the most viewed of recent times.

Something that very few know is that “Me secret” is the new version of the famous soap opera “an intruder has arrived”, released in 1974 and directed by Manolo García and produced by Valentín Peimstein.

My secret”, in addition to its great history, is characterized by the great cast of young actors who are accompanied by experienced television artists. Among them are Chris Pazcal, Luis Fernando Peña, Macarena García, Laura Vignatti, Rocío Reyna, among others.

The soap opera “My Secret” premieres on Monday, September 12 (Photo: My Secret / Instagram)


The soap opera “My secret” promises to become one of the most successful productions of recent times.

That is why many fans of the dramas of TelevisaUnivision They look forward to its premiere which will be this monday september 12. In that sense, here we tell you the time that this telenovela can be seen.

  • The soap opera “My secret” It can be seen from Monday to Friday at 4:30 p.m. (local time).
Macarena Garcia and Diego Klein star "My secret" (Photo: My Secret / Instagram)
Macarena García and Diego Klein star in “My Secret” (Photo: My Secret / Instagram)


The public will be able to view this new Mexican production through the channel The stars in the afternoon hours.

It should be taken into account that the episodes broadcast can also be seen in the of The stars.


The soap opera produced by Carlos Moreno It will arrive ready to captivate the viewing public from beginning to end.

That is why many wonder about the number of episodes that this important drama will have. In this sense, the portal maintained that “My secret” has 120 chapters.

Part of the main cast of
Part of the main cast of “My secret”, during the presentation of the soap opera (Photo: My secret / Instagram)


The soap opera “My secret” is based on the story of a girl who was forced to adopt the identity of her best friend, whom she considers dead, and thus avoid being arrested and going to jail for a crime she did not commit. But this will not be easy, because it is a lie that will have to face consequences.

She suffers a lot because she fears being discovered by her family and also by the police, who are looking for her to take her to prison. However, there is a greater fear within her and it is related to the man she loves. And it is that she is scared that he might discover her identity and see her as a liar and impostor.

Throughout the soap opera we will realize how the main character does to avoid being discovered, even though she has some rivals who make her life impossible. Finally, we will see whether or not she can stay with the man of her life. Will love triumph?

“My secret”: find out how and where to watch the new telenovela