My name is Sam / How to stream the film on Rai 1

My name is Sam: streaming of the film on Rai 1

My name is Sam it shows us a “dramatic story represented in a social but above all sentimental key”. Daniele Azzola rewards the film with three stars out of the five made available by the portal, we can read: “Although Sean Pean received the nomination for the Oscars, however, the film knows everything“ already seen ””. Still on MyMovies, Pino Farinotti specifies: “Cinema has always shown irresistible attraction for cerebrally compromised characters: disabled in this sense. An attraction that often led to the Academy Award. It is worth noting that two actors cover roles of that genre with Russell Crowe for A Beautiful Mind and Sean Penn for My name is Sam. There is really a great deal of choice among the “disabled” Oscar winners ”. My name is Sam will be broadcast in the late evening by Rai 1. Click here to watch the movie live on MediasetPlay.

My name is Sam: the film on Rai 1 with Richard Schiff

Among the protagonists of My name is Sam there is the American actor Richard Schiff born in May 1955, he became famous for taking part in numerous films and television series including Cin Cin and West Wing – All the President’s Men. His debut on the big screen also took place in 1988 with the film Medium Straight directed by Adam Friedman and in 1990 he was included in the cast of the film Young Guns II – The legend of Billy the Kid. When he was very young he did not immediately take the path of cinema. Affected by his parents’ divorce at twelve, he abruptly dropped out of school to graduate later. He gave up finishing college in New York having no interest in it despite missing a few exams to finish it. He cut wood for a living and lived as a hippie. In 1975, at the age of 20, he returned to New York to study acting and entered the theater program. He managed to graduate in 1983 with merit and great willpower.

My name is Sam, Rai 1 film directed by Jessie Nelson

My name is Sam enriches the second evening of Rai 1 today, Thursday 15 September, starting at 11:30 pm. It is an American film made in 2001 with the direction entrusted to Jessie Nelson who also dealt with the drafting of the subject and the screenplay in collaboration with Kristine Johnson.

The music of the soundtrack of the film My Name is Sam was composed by John Powell and the editing was signed by Richard Chew while in the cast are present among others Sean Penn, Michelle PfeifferDakota Fanning, Dianne Wiest, Loretta Devine and Richard Schiff.

My name is Sam, the plot of the film

Let’s read what the plot from My name is Sam. Sam is a man of about 40 who finds himself having a fairly peaceful life in the guise of cafeteria workers though struggling with a fairly rare form of mental disability which does not allow him to be on a par with other people in certain circumstances. In fact, his ability to process and understand things is comparable to that of a 7-year-old child. Despite this, he managed to start a family and have a daughter who has to grow up alone because she was abandoned by her mother. Fortunately, there are many friends at her side who love them starting from the neighbor and this has allowed him to give his daughter all the necessary love and attention of her to make her happy.

The little girl grows well and very soon has mental abilities that far exceed those of her father but this is also a form of bullying that is consumed towards her as she is often made fun of by her schoolmates. Unfortunately Sam, due to his mental state, makes mistakes that will cost him a lot: during a children’s birthday party he argues with one of them causing a series of accidents and is also accidentally taken to a police station for an alleged attempt to priming a ring.

In a practically automatic way the social services are triggered that take the girl away from the man with the possibility of being able to see her only twice a week as she is not able to grow her. However, the man does not give up and relies on a lawyer named Rita who, after evaluating the situation, decides to defend him without asking for anything in return. This will be the right opportunity for Rita to review her love life and finally leave a careless husband and for Sam to grow up and become a much more caring and attentive father in the professional activity. Among other things, he will meet a woman who initially becomes the child’s foster, but then will be at her side to create a unique family.


My name is Sam / How to stream the film on Rai 1