Multiple events and testimonials in Seine

More than 10 events took place in the department of Seine-Saint-Denis during the integration week with multiple actors of integration such as the Information Center on the Rights of Women and Families (CIDFF ) and NENUPHAR, Opening the School to Parents for the Success of Children (OEPRE), the Structure of the First Reception of Asylum Seekers (SPADA), the National Agency for Vocational Training for Adults (AFPA), the Group of Establishments of national education structures (GRETA) with the INFORME organization, the Primary Health Insurance Fund (CPAM), IDC-FORMATION (organization specializing in vocational training), the Unis association, the Société du Grand Paris…

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Several months of preparation were necessary for the Territorial Department of the OFII in Bobigny to organize these events.

Visits, role plays

Newcomers, beneficiaries of international protection, met and discussed with officials of these organizations, within their own premises. Unusual visits have been organised, such as that of a workshop at the Collège Diderot within the framework of the school open to parents, a relay site exposing the professions of the Grand Paris Express in connection with the future Clichy/Montfermeil station, and the Basilica of Seine-Saint-Denis.

Treasure hunts, role-playing games, mock interviews, and many other actions were carried out from October 17 to 21, and integration actors also got to know each other. Each event was the subject of daily interviews broadcast by journalist Christophe FROT on France Maghreb 2 radio. Many people (new arrivals or beneficiaries of international protection) agreed to testify about their journey to integration.

Finally, to end the integration week, Mrs. Cécile Rackette, deputy prefect to the prefect of Seine-Saint-Denis, wished to highlight these meetings by showing videos of portraits of newcomers, in the living room of honor of the prefecture.

The observation of this synergy between partners for the benefit of migrants is very positive.

In order to better immerse yourself in these events, discover photos and testimonials.

Workshop “Opening the school to parents for the success of children”

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At the Information Center on the Rights of Women and Families (CIDFF)

Testimony of Dalila collected by the journalist Christophe FROT

“I met the CIDFF in a collective meeting to present to me the structures of the city, where the OFII was present. This meeting allowed me to know my rights, especially my rights to professional integration and how to access training in all areas, especially legal, to be independent. The first presentation of the CIDFF was during the Republican Integration Contract (CIR). The violence was really strong, with the CIDFF I met psychologists, health professionals, lawyers, everything was explained to me. Now socially it’s fine, I got out of it but morally, just a little bit because it’s not easy to forget. I have been with the CIFF for 5 years, it offers me cultural outings and workshops”.

blank blankAt the INFORME training center

Excerpt from the interview with Rafik Dahamna, director of INFORME, conducted by journalist Christophe FROT

“We have chosen to act under this acronym because we see our mission as an imperative to inform our public of their rights and duties, in particular through the teaching of French, the language of integration. If it were to be briefly presented, French as a language of integration could be defined as a language of practical use which aims to teach the French language and the principles and values ​​of the republic necessary for the sustainable integration of immigrants. . As an OFII service provider, we provide language training to a public made up of newcomers, signatories of the Republican integration contract. The training courses are prescribed by the OFII and vary according to the needs of each signatory, between 100 and 600 hours, depending on an initial assessment. We welcome 2,500 people per year in the territory of Seine-Saint-Denis, so our training offer must adapt to the constraints of each learner, we offer intensive training at a rate of 20 hours per week but also extensive courses on Mondays, Saturdays or at the end of the day for people with a job or who have no means of childcare for young children. To meet the needs of proximity, we are a group of 10 structures led by the representative of the AFPA…”

Extract of testimonials from learners within INFORME

From USA

“I arrived from the United States 5 years ago, I was born in Cuba, I came to France for a career opportunity and my desire is to learn French, continue my education and find a job. The French language training is going very well, when I arrived in France, I did not speak or write French there »

Signatory of the Republican Integration Contract (CIR), after an initial training funded by the OFII, today he benefits from a series of courses either to apply for a 10-year card or French naturalization.

From Serbia

“I have been coming from Serbia for a year and 6 months, before arriving in France, I finished my studies and worked for 12 years. Here I am very satisfied for the French language because the training is free and we work a lot. I want to work as in Serbia as a social worker or psychotherapist”.


Extracts from testimonies collected by COALLIA 93

Statement by an Afghan

“I have been in France since 2013 with my family, I received my 10-year card in 2013. I took language training thanks to Coallia, financed by the OFII in 2013 and it lasted a year. In 2014 I was an asylum seeker and at the same time I received a job in construction and another as a carpenter. Now I have my own accommodation thanks to Coallia and I work as a domiciliation agent. I have a family, my children are in school and I have been satisfied with my life since I arrived in France”.

Statement by a Chadian

“I was born in 1995, I arrived in France at the end of 2017, I got my papers in 2021, Coallia helped me with all my papers. I had an appointment at the OFII, he helped me to submit the OFPRA dossier, I was refused but I submitted a dossier to the CNDA. I then got an appointment at the prefecture and I got a residence permit. I found training at the local mission, there are plenty of things on offer and I took the civic training at the OFII. Now I have a permanent contract, I have been working as an order picker for a year”.

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At the center of IDC – TRAINING

Multiple events and testimonials in Seine-Saint-Denis – Ofii