“Move your Clermont”: the city’s youth plan for 11

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Mayor Olivier Bianchi (here at the Diderot school, in the La Plaine district, on February 23) and the town hall of Clermont are launching their youth plan.

Monday, September 12, the town hall of Clermont-Ferrand presented its action plan in favor of youth and 11-15 year olds, in consultation with the colleges and socio-cultural actors of the territory.

Otaking care of young people, because there are so many of them, has been the desire of the City of Clermont-Ferrand for several years. But with its “Move your Clermont” plan for 11-15 year olds, the municipality wants to go even further and continue the work started during Olivier Bianchi’s first term, from 2014 to 2020.

After an initial consultation aimed at 3-10 year olds, the elected officials of the city wanted to bring out a real city policy for adolescents (11-15 years old) and there are many of them in this city (4% of the population). . This consultation was aimed at 6,000 young people.

Already in 2021, 86 actions have been identified, a large part of which are in favor of sporting, cultural and creative development. But we should do even more… “Many things exist but they are scattered, recalled Mayor Olivier Bianchi during a press lunch on 12 September. We are discovering that the expectations of young people are in phase with those of adults. Well-being, the environment, parties, sport, culture… These are important things for them. »

5 pillars

This plan led by Cécile Audet, Deputy Mayor in charge of Early Childhood, Childhood, Youth and Education, highlights 5 priority issues:

– Ensure the well-being of young people and their health with prevention workshops, appropriate public spaces (with access plans to drinking water or cooling islands)

– Promote access to sports and leisure, art and culture (extension of the culture pass, local amateur artistic practice, development of qualified “Culture” leisure facilities, development of digital culture, integration of youth programming into events of the City, DEMOS…)

– Accompany the construction of citizenship, make their commitment visible and support their initiatives (places available to express themselves, promote solidarity actions, creation of Junior Asso to train in the management of an association,

– Allow young people to find their way and set up the conditions for access to autonomy (support in finding internships, development of networks, information sessions on orientation and training offers, help with homework …).

– Bring together the educational community and the City’s management around the needs identified (develop relations and exchanges between the City and the colleges, improve communication with young people, strengthen links with parents of students, etc.).

In terms of sports policy, several areas of work are studied: mapping the supply of sports infrastructure and equipment, extending the “It’s Sunday” for young people, opening a gymnasium once a month to set up sports activities in free practice and with the family, encourage sports clubs and associations to facilitate access to individual equipment (planned), financial assistance for the “first license”.

The City now wants to help with a second-hand equipment grant for sports clubs and associations. Future sports development projects may be carried out.

A communication on the pricing of metropolitan swimming pools and facilitating access to bathing places is in progress.

Like the Sport Truck set up last summer, the City of Clermont-Ferrand wants to continue to deploy mobile entertainment teams in public spaces so that all residents can have a good time practicing an activity. athletic


Access to leisure activities with leisure reception on Wednesdays for 11-15 year olds (in progress) will be promoted… Stays and summer activities are also in place.


The commitment of young people must be put forward and a Municipal Youth Council as we can see in Beaumont will be created and permanent consultations will take place to grasp the feelings of Clermont youth and their expectations.

“In particular, we are going to create a third place for young people at the Anatole-France Center and

allow them to express themselves via the municipal youth council explains Olivier Bianchi. Examples among many others… »


Nevertheless, there is a big concern for information. Young people no longer or only rarely go through the traditional channels of information such as the local media or the municipality. But they prefer social networks like Tik-Tok or the college route to get information.

In this sense, the creation of digital communication tools for young people will be developed.

This is the subject of working point number 5. “We want to develop relations and exchanges between the City and the colleges explains Cécile Audet. The colleges being the main places of life for 11-15 year olds, the City wishes to develop its relations with the various establishments but also with the parents of pupils”.

Making colleges information relays for the City is an essential point, such as developing contacts in companies, in the media, associations and in communities to facilitate access to internships for college students who do not have the same contacts and networks as some families.

Here too, there is work by the town hall as well as by all the local actors and the media so that young people have the right useful information. To avoid the sometimes real feeling of being let loose in “nature”.

The 16-25 year olds will be the subject of another plan, perhaps during a future mandate, by 2026 in order to follow the child who was born in Clermont-Ferrand until his student years.

“Move your Clermont”: the city’s youth plan for 11-15 year olds – Info Clermont Métropole