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Although Modern Family hasn’t aired since 2020, fans love rewatching heartwarming episodes and seeing what the cast is up to. Sarah Hyland married Wells Adams in the summer of 2022 and when the special A Modern Farewell aired ahead of the series finale, Hyland said, “When my fiancé proposed, he asked my mom and my father their blessing. Then he also tracked down Julie Bowen and Ty Burrell for their blessing. They are really, really like my second set of parents. »

Burrell’s portrayal of dimwitted, clumsy husband and father Phil Dunphy is a favorite with fans who appreciate Phil’s entertaining stories and unique phrases he thinks of himself. Most seasons of Modern Family include hilarious lines featuring Phil and his distinct outlook on life.

10 Phil keeps locking himself out of the house he can’t sell

Phil’s more mature modern family moments include his love of real estate work, and in the Season 5 episode “The Big Game”, he struggles to sell a house. Phil is upset because he tries to instill in his children the feeling that they can do whatever they want and have a happy mindset.

The storyline gets funnier as the episode progresses as Phil locks himself out of the house several times in a row. While there are other real estate-focused storylines that are even more hilarious, like the “sexy house” Phil later works on, it’s charming and relatable to see Phil’s luck run out.

9 Phil and Mitch go to a favorite movie together

It’s fun to watch Phil and Mitch explore their love for a movie franchise in the Season 7 episode “The Party,” and when someone gives them candy, they get pissed off and leave without even enjoying the treat. film that fascinated them so much.

It’s funny to see Mitch and Phil let loose and have a good time. While these two characters are part of more hilarious stories, this one proves that the best storylines in Modern Family involve wacky and emotional interactions between family members.

8 Gloria, Cam and Phil get together to let off steam

Viewers find out in the Season 8 episode “The Alliance” that Gloria, Phil, and Cam like to get together to talk about their marriages. They feel that since they each have a serious relationship with a member of the Pritchett family, they understand each other and know that it can be stressful and difficult.

Although it’s a brief storyline and not as big as others that show more of Phil’s personality, this one is still enjoyable. It’s nice to see Phil interact with Gloria and Cam and since Phil’s scenes with Gloria can be scary at times, this one is way better.

7 Phil Creates A “Duck Village”

Phil frustrates Claire in season 7 when he takes care of the ducks and even offers them a “village”. It’s a great story since both Phil and Lily have an interest in ducks, which shows that Lily can be mature on Modern Family.

Watching Phil’s passion for his new hobby and Claire’s irritation is pure comedy, and while it’s a dynamic that runs throughout the sitcom, it’s still a big part of the story. of Phil. The couple doesn’t always know why the other person is doing something, but watching them try to support each other is realistic and moving as well as always funny.

6 Phil Is The Proud Host Of A Real Estate Industry Banquet

There’s nothing Phil loves more than attending the realtors’ banquet, which he always does with enthusiasm. In the Season 5 episode “Spring-a-Ding-Fling”, Phil wants Haley to come with him, and the event is a big mess as he ends up dropping.

When Phil mixes physical comedy with his childlike approach to life, the result are some of his most memorable storylines, making this one stand out among all the times Phil talks about his passion for showing houses and helping out. customers. Seeing Phil trying to interest Haley in her career and her life makes it even funnier because, in Haley’s way, she doesn’t want to be there at all.

5 Phil Makes Haley A Book Called ‘Phil’s-osophy’

The words and phrases Phil creates are some of the best parts of Modern Family and in the Season 4 episode “Schooled” he writes a book of advice he gives Haley when she goes to college. While Haley’s time at school doesn’t last long and she struggles to find herself, it’s really funny that Phil loves to share his wisdom with everyone.

While Haley doesn’t fully appreciate what Phil has done for her, as it takes parenting to see what Claire and Phil have sacrificed and gone through to help her, it’s still fun and entertaining that Phil has his own approach. of life. life. Phil has fun with the big and small moments and he just wants Haley to be happy.

4 Phil Wants To Fire Mitch, Who Wants To Quit His Job

A common sitcom trope is when the characters misunderstand each other, and this occurs in the Season 3 episode “Tableau Vivant” when Mitch works at Phil’s real estate company. Mitch wants to leave but Phil thinks he has to fire him and they dance saying what they really want for a while.

While it’s often an irritating cliche, it works in this scenario as Mitch and Phil act hilariously and try to be as polite as possible while hiding how they really feel.

3 Phil Is Devastated When Haley Splits From Dylan

The Season 2 episode “Mother Tucker” features one of Phil’s most hilarious storylines as Haley ends her relationship with Dylan and Phil struggles to understand why she would do this. Phil understands Dylan’s immature but kind nature and thinks they make a great couple and he hates seeing them apart.

Phil’s emotions are played for laughs here in an exaggerated way. Considering Phil isn’t acting the way fans would expect, as it looks like he’d be fine with Claire thinking Haley and Dylan are better apart, the result is a perfectly silly episode.

2 Phil tries to go camping on his own

Phil doesn’t always give Modern Family great advice, and he doesn’t always have the best ideas for activities. In the season 9 episode “Tough Love”, Phil goes camping alone and realizes that he is terrified and feels lost, alone and isolated.

When Phil wants to cover up how he really feels so Claire doesn’t laugh at him, viewers not only find Phil adorable and endearing, but it’s hard not to laugh at the intensity with which Phil acts in this situation. Phil adds to the goofy tone by filming himself giving advice on wilderness survival.

1 Phil steals a kid’s bike unintentionally

Phil’s story from Season 1 of stealing someone’s bike so he can show Luke he needs to be more responsible couldn’t be more silly or more meaningful at the same time. Phil realizes he stole a child’s bike, which he feels bad about as it was the last thing he wanted to do, and the situation becomes chaotic and confusing as he tries to fix it. things.

Season 1 of a sitcom or drama often features the storylines that really dive into each unique character, and the start of Modern Family examines Phil’s role in his family as he tries to let his children grow up while understanding that they can find independence and that he can still be there for them.

Modern Family: Phil’s 10 Funniest Stories, Ranked | Pretty Reel