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Modern Family fans loved seeing photos of Julie Bowen, Nolan Gould, Ariel Winter, Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Sofia Vergara attending Sarah Hyland’s summer 2022 wedding. It was great to see the cast still seeing each other as they have always shared that they were close while filming all 11 seasons of the sitcom.

While there are a few sweet stories that last for several episodes, there are just as many plots that don’t seem to be going anywhere. Redditors are sharing storylines they wish had been properly wrapped up because characters are such an important part of everyone’s life.

Luke has a group of hipster friends

There are some puzzling things about Modern Family’s Luke, and he’s at the center of a story that seems to be entirely forgotten. Redditor Snoo-8506 posted that “Luke and his hipster friends (glasses, long-sleeved button, slide, saying ‘deuces’)” are never mentioned again. The fan wrote, “I wanted several episodes of this and then the family gets mad and yells at him and his friends. »

Luke has been considered a dimwitted member of the family for so many years, and it’s always fun to watch Luke have his own storylines. Viewers would have liked to see Luke have a strong and close group of friends for a long time.

What about Luke’s friend, Rhonda?

Luke and Manny spend time with Rhonda, but she only briefly appears on the sitcom. Redditor Practical-Bird633 mentioned this forgotten plotline, writing, “They brought her in mid-show, made it look like she and Luke had a longtime girl-best-friend friendship,” got her all ready for the dance, then never mentioned her again. »

Rhonda appears in the Season 5 episode “Spring-a-Ding-Fling” as she and Luke attend the dance, and Claire does not approve of Rhonda and Luke getting dirty in the mud beforehand. It would be nice to see Luke have a close friendship because he spends so much time with his family.

Haley becomes an influencer

Redditor Rosemoorstreet posted that “Haley’s social media influencer activity” is another Modern Family storyline that seems to be going nowhere. In season 5, Haley discovers that she loves photography, which makes sense since she loves clothes so much. In Season 8, Haley wants to run a business where she helps influencers gain exposure and gain more attention.

It’s important to see Haley realize that she’s passionate about something because she wasn’t sure what she would do once she graduated from high school, but that plot line doesn’t return. Fans love seeing Haley with her adorable twins and her relationship with Dylan Marshall is great, but Haley could also have a thriving business.

Phil abandons his magic shop

Redditor natankari12 posted “I hate how many storylines the show starts and then drops out of”, including “Phils magic shop”. Phil’s best modern family quotes often see him sharing his love and passion for magic.

In Season 9, Phil learns he could have spent more time working on his hobby, and Claire buys a magic shop. It means so much to him, but after a while no one hears about it, which seems confusing. It’s not like Phil to pass on this opportunity.

Why doesn’t Luke beat Phil in basketball?

Editor zachlikethat posted that in the pilot, Phil says he and Luke are still playing trampoline basketball. It is a sweet and important memory for both of them. The fan wrote: “One day he wants Luke to beat him or something. This storyline literally never continues and I wish we could draw some sort of conclusion to it in the final season or finale. »

It sure would have been an emotional way to end the sitcom, and it looks like Phil would want to play this game again with his son, as the two spent Luke’s childhood having fun playing games and to come up with inventions. It feels like the story is coming full circle.

Haley and Andy’s love story has no real conclusion

Responding in a thread about “unfinished stories”, a Redditor said “Andy and Haley!!! The rise of their relationship was incredible. »

As Andy Bailey tells Haley he’s moving to Utah, the end of their romance is a bit confusing and might need more resolution. It seems that when they say goodbye at the airport, they leave the possibility of a future relationship open, but Andy disappears from Haley’s life for good. Fans would have liked to hear Haley mention Andy sometimes because it seems like they would have stayed in touch because they mean so much to each other.

Gil Thorpe’s story is not over

For Redditor moagi_mmolotsi, many characters are mentioned for a short time in the series and then disappear. The fan wrote that they “loved Gil Thorpe too, but he just faded, although he stuck around a bit longer than the others.”

While not one of Modern Family’s funniest supporting characters, Gil plays a key role for a time as Phil’s real-estate nemesis. Some minor characters appear over and over again, but Gil just ceases to be a part of the show.

Pepper’s son Kyle is no longer mentioned

In the Season 4 episode “A Slight at the Opera”, Cam and Mitch’s good friend Pepper Saltzman shares that he has a son named Kyle. Redditor noseybean replied in a Forgotten Plots thread and wrote, “Where did Pepper’s navy seal son go? »

It would make sense for viewers to be introduced to Kyle or hear Pepper call him back. It doesn’t make sense for Pepper not to talk about her child, because it seems Kyle means a lot to him. Pepper is a lovable character who is part of big storylines and it would make sense to include her son in the sitcom.

Does Alex see Drew again?

In season 5, Alex and Drew attend a school dance together, which is interesting since in season 1, Alex shares with Claire that she has no interest in this type of activity. Redditor devanasaurous replied in a thread about storylines the show dropped and wrote “Ditto the guy Alex went to the dance with ‘ironically’. »

Alex has many Modern Family love interests and it seems odd that she would hook up with someone and go dancing with them and then they would never be seen on the sitcom again. Viewers are definitely wondering what could have been or if Alex and Drew could have at least remained friends.

What happens to Cam’s sister Pam?

Pam isn’t Modern Family’s most beloved character. She does not treat Cam and Mitch well when she stays at their house, as she is judgmental and can be cruel. Mitch and Cam take care of Pam’s son, Cal, and give him several chances to get his life back on track.

Redditor Rosemoorstreet mentioned that “Pam Living Upstairs” is a storyline from the sitcom that isn’t going anywhere. As fans learn that Pam is getting married, she just disappears, and there’s no huge resolution here, especially since she’s been in Mitch and Cam’s lives for a long time.

Modern Family: 10 Forgotten Storylines Fans Wanted Solved (According to Reddit) | Pretty Reel