Millie Bobby Brown, the ‘Stranger Things’ star is all grown up. And she took control of her life

ORdeep and dark eyes, white skin, perfect features and a child’s face: Millie Bobby Brown18, was the ideal candidate to play theinnocent, supernatural and very powerful Eleven/Jane Ives from the hugely popular Netflix series Stranger Things.

Today, she is a very popular actress, and her life is «ddrastically changed, and it keeps changing every day.” For example, «it is becoming more and more difficult to hang out with my friends and blend in with the others,” as he explained.

However “I’ll try. I put on my hat and glasses, convinced I am totally unrecognizablebut people have a crazy sense of observation… Anyway, its part of the gameI certainly never stop doing the things I like». At 14 she was already more famous than ever: she was the younger person never selected by Time Magazine for the ranking of 100 most influential people in the world.

Millie Bobby Brown at the 2017 Teen Choice Awards in Los Angeles, CA. (Getty Images)

Millie Bobby Brown’s family

Born in 2004 in Marbella, Spain, Millie Bobby Brown and the third child of Kelly and Robert Brown’s four children. “I have a very nice family but my father beats everyone, he is the king of jokes,” he said. “When he’s about to make one winks at me. Obviously, soon after, revenge takes place. We have so much fun».

With the mother, however, «we almost always argue for nonsense“, has explained. «He Gets angry if I make a cake after dinner when she has already cleaned the kitchen. Or if I don’t put the things I use in order, if I go up to my room with my shoes on…».

His family, after living in Spain, moved to England, then to Los Angeles. “My parents they’ve never had a problem moving from one country or continent to another,” said the actress.

And even in case of holidays, «we have always chosen exotic places, adventurous. I love to travel, it’s part of the family DNA». Moving to the United States «it wasn’t a shock because we’ve wanted it for a long time. Not that we didn’t like London, but change of scenery is good. We settled right in.”

Millie Bobby Brown’s acting career

Despite her young age, Millie Bobby Brown understood that the world of acting «is complicated. You have to learn early on to move in the right way, everyone has their own opinion and a lot of people blatantly lie».

There are actors who «claim to have studied acting in prestigious schools and it is not true. And make-up artists who say: “I did my make-up at Jennifer Lawrence and then you find out that they have never worked a day in their lives. You have to stay a lot careful. Especially when it comes to choosing the people to collaborate with».

Eleven in Stranger Things

In 2015 Millie Bobby Brown is chosen to impersonate Eleven in Stranger Things. “It didn’t happen suddenly,” she specified. That series «was a flukearrived after two years of non-stop work: commercials, auditions upon auditions…».

With her family, the actress lived outside Los Angeles. Driving back and forth was expensive, «so my father helped me rehearse the scene for the test. If I didn’t remember the lines, he didn’t even take me there, though avoid throwing money away».

As Eleven. (Netflix)

Actually, she was always prepared, but they rejected her because she was English. For this reason, at a certain point, «I decided that I would have pretended to be American: As soon as I got the role, I started speaking again with my British accent. They looked at me amazed and I: “Too late, the contract is signed!”».

Thanks to Stranger Thingsshe and her colleagues took home the award for Outstanding Ensemble in a Drama Series at the SAG Awards in 2017 and received two Emmy nominationsin 2017 and 2018.

Millie Bobby Brown and Stranger Things

Millie Bobby Brown he took part in all seasons of the Netflix series. And, having started little more than a child, she grew up during filming. «Being a teenager means feeling different everyday. The body changes so quickly, the eyelashes get longer, the timbre of the voice becomes lower,” she said.

When you watch in the first season, «I don’t feel like I’m eleven but two. It’s a special opportunity to be able to see each other again after some time».

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Millie Bobby Brown and Godzilla

At 15, Millie Bobby Brown played the heroine of the saga of Godzilla. “It was weird, at first, to find myself being the only kid in the cast,” she said. On the set of Stranger Thingsin the breaks, «we studied together o time was spent laughing and joking”. There, on the other hand, «the atmosphere was more serious, but I helped to dissolve it spreading some childishness».

Millie Bobby Brown as Enola Holmes

In 2020 she also made her debut as a producer in the film Enola Holmes – directed by Harry Bradbeer – the younger sister of Sherlock Holmes, cunning and courageous young woman.

Enola «is brave, vulnerable, honest and cunning» he said. And he is a «person friendly. The story centers around her fear of being alone, and ultimately find your purpose in life. It is the story of a growth path. I’ve been there. It touches me a lot in so many ways.”

This role started with the book of Nancy Springerwhich his older sister had read earlier, Paige. Millie Bobby Brown thought about bringing it to life.

“We took it to the production company and explained why it was a story that needed to be told“, he said. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen a young Englishwoman play the lead role in a movie. Sure there is Hermione from Harry Potterbut she wasn’t the main character. So we wanted to do something that she would inspired girls».

On the set, «I had the distinct sensation of be taken seriously. My age and gender didn’t affect what I said,” she explained. «They listened to me and I really appreciated that. It means a lot to me when I go to set and feel supported but also considered equal».

The relationship with Helena Bonham Carter

In Enola Holmes, she co-starred with Helena Bonham Carterwhich he plays his mother Eudoria. “Was great to work with her. We were talking about the relationship between Eudoria and Enola », she said.

“We asked ourselves questions that we weren’t quite able to answer yet. Like “In your opinion, was Eudoria affectionate?”, or “Why does Enola idolize her so much?”. Helena is obviously one legendso I watched her, the I was studying.

Helena Bonham Carter (kika)

Millie was «struck by every shot. Helena is so versatile, I really wish I was like her. I am following in the footsteps of these incredible women who have had extraordinary careers and they still work. And it was one great luck to be able to be close to her nine and a half hours a day.”

Millie Bobby Brown Loves: Ex Hunter Ecimovic

During the fourth season of Stranger Thingsthe actress lived a tormented love story with the tiktoker and model Hunter Ecimovic.

A story gone wrong. “I felt a lot vulnerable», said the star. Also, no one on set “knew I was going through this period. And it was more difficult when the whole world knew».

She called it an “unhealthy situation”, so much so that she came to leave it in 2021. Not before, however, that he launched in a series of explicit sexual innuendos about the actress.

“When you are publicly humiliated like this, you feel so out of control and helpless» he said. “Leaving something behind you and knowing that i’m worth a lot and that this person took nothing away from me, it was a lot invigorating». It looked, he said, «that my life had finally turned the page and that I had finished a chapter that had seemed so long to me».

At the end of this story, something beautiful remained: «What I wanted to do in my career was to help the girls out there know that I live in bad situations too. I definitely made bad decisions.”

Millie Bobby Brown and Jake Bongiovi

Luckily, after the affair with tiktoker Millie Bobby Brown he found the great love. The actress and Jake Bon Jovi, the third child of Jon Bon Jovi and wife Dorothea Hurley, have been together officially sincesummer 2021.

A photo in the car, another that shows them embracing on the London Eye, together with social events… For some time now the two no longer hide. And he too dreams of becoming an actor, just like girlfriend. Eleven she has grown: now, she also has one… intern!


Millie Bobby Brown, the ‘Stranger Things’ star is all grown up. And she took control of her life