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After holding five territorial assemblies of Culture throughout the country, with the participation of thousands of cultural actors, managers and workers, representatives of cultural collectives, associations and various institutions of the National System of Culture, Culture is declared a national emergencyin order to make visible the existing historical needs, exacerbated in the pandemic, with states of exception, curfews, with a non-existent culture law, sectoral disarticulation with public policies and ignorance of the importance of culture in construction of the social fabric, associated with only entertainment and events.

It is urgent to reverse the job insecurity of thousands of families linked to cultural management and artistic creation. The provinces of Guayas, Esmeraldas, Santo Domingo, communities where violence and hopelessness increase day by day, with children, young people and entire families who are victims of extreme poverty without access to culture, where human ties are weakened, weak cities submerged in violence of all kinds, they are provinces that need attention emerging from cultural processes, budget and immediate attention.

Culture must be a State policy where sectoral constructions are established, as well as permanent promotion ordinances for the arts and culture. It must be declared a priority sector, articulator of public management, with an integrating nature, with the function of connecting the sectoral and territorial spheres for national development. For which, the adequate budget and financing must be available to develop programs with projects from cultural institutions.

The cultural crisis is more dangerous than any kind of crisis, is the one that drives our destiny from our cultural practices, which in other words are our habits. We cannot continue the focus of culture only on cultural and natural heritage, events, idealizing cultural industries that do not exist in our territory, without creating the foundations for their development. The focus of culture must be on its people, on the promotion of cultural practices that develop the construction of solid human ties, respect for all forms of life, principles, values, ethics, transparency, productivity, inclusion, development, innovation, well-being, relevance, equity, progress, among others.

A society is doomed without healthy, sustainable, sustainable cultural practices, where empathy prevails, critical ability to discern good from evil, comprehensive, cognitive ability that is achieved through reading, writing, artistic activities, research, development of creativity, awareness, respect for all forms of life, solidarity. etc. Ignorance and prejudices are common threads to corruption and violence. We are experiencing the pandemic of insecurity, we have lost peace, we have a scenario of death and cultural, social and legal desolation, in the style of every man for himself. I believe that if the cultural sector is not considered a priority sector and work is done in a coordinated and comprehensive manner, society will continue to be dragged down by violence and hopelessness. (EITHER)

Martha Fabiola Rizzo González: SOS Culture | Columnists | Opinion