Mara Venier in tears, the presenter could not stand: “It touches my heart”

Mara Venier on Domenica In. Source: Web

Mara Venier in the last episode of Domenica In, was unable to hold back her tears in front of the moving story of Anthony Delon, son of the famous and charming Alain.

He’s one of the majors sex symbol of history, the charming and dark French actor Alain Delon. Charm that it didn’t run out even today, who is 87 years old. In recent days, the living legend of French cinema, jumped into all the newspapers, also Italians, for the touching testimony of the eldest son Anthony, who told a lot about his life as a son, in his book entitled Cruel sweet. Some passages of the autobiographical work were also told in the television living room of Mara Venier to Sunday Intouching the sensitivity of the presenter.

Mara Venier
Mara Venier on Domenica In. Source: Web

Alain Delon, famous French actor

The myth of Alain Delon is always among us, even among the new generations who will probably remember their mothers or grandmothers, to look with eyes in love at the beautiful dark man with an icy gaze, across the screen. Alain has had many women around him and his life in general, now that he is over eighty, is always the subject of attention. Especially since his eldest son Anthony, an actor too, decided to talk about his relationship with his father in a book. A very difficult relationship at times

Being Alain Delon’s son can’t be easy for an actor who wants to establish himself with his own identity in the world of cinema. Anthony who is now 58 has always hated comparisons to his father even though all in all he is proud to be his son and to have followed in his footsteps. After all, Alain has never opposed his son’s decision to become an actor, because in his opinion being an actor is the best profession in the world.

Alain Delon
Alain Delon as a young man. Source: Web

Anthony Delon’s childhood

Alain Delon met Anthony’s mother in a nightclub. She was called at the time Francine Canovas but then changed the name to Natalie Delon and that is how the world knows her. The two were so physically similar that they were even mistaken for brothers. Passion is born, they date for a while, but when Alain Delon wants to dump her, with “Goodbye, my doll”, Natalie confesses to him that she is pregnant. Alain, who at that moment was busy with a film to shoot in the United States, decides to take her with him to America, along with his beloved dogs. Natalie, 23, and Alain, who was about to turn 29, they got married on August 13, 1964 and Anthony Delon was born in Los AngelesCalifornia on September 30 of the same year.

Shortly after the couple returned to France, and Anthony will live with their parents still united for only the first 5 years of his life, because these, after this period will decide to leave. Anthony remains to live with his father until the age of 9, while his mother decides to return to live in the US. Anthony Delon was a guest on the recent episode of Sunday Inwhere he was interviewed by Mara Venier. The French actor has opened his heart, talking about his family, his relationship with his parents and the deep sense of abandonment in which he fell when he was still a child.

Mara Venier is moved

The actor explained to Mara Venier as his mother tried to fill that void, touching the sensitive strings of the presenter, who at a certain point, he really struggled not to cry. After all, the difficult relationships that Vanier had with her son Paolo are known, which she has brilliantly overcome today thanks to her grandson.

In Anthony Delon’s book, Sweet Cruelthe author wanted to tell the violent behavior of the famous father and the absence of the mother. The actor then spoke of the difficulty that all families have in finding their place: “For a child to grow up well, there must be an environment that allows it to grow well, and the child must be given a lot of love and a lot of trust. And in this sense the book is universal: it speaks to everyone, the loneliness of a child is the same for all of us. Then if you are the son of a VIP, of a well-known person, it is more difficult”.

Anthony Delon
Anthony Delon, son of Alain Delon. Source: Web

The subject is already too delicate it really reaches the peak of emotion, when Delon Jr start talking about relationship with mother, recovered over the years and that he loved very much. “I’m a little excited, because when you said that your mom tried as a grandmother to fill in what sometimes as mothers we don’t do, it’s something that touches my heart, and that’s what I’m doing” Ha commented the presenter who reviewed a lot in part of the story of the actor.

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