Louise Orgeval (Large families), her daughter with Down’s syndrome will no longer be able to go to school: “It’s a shame”

Kévin and Louise Orgeval are among the parents who can be followed on the show Large families, life in XXL. They have six children, including a little girl named Noée, whom they adopted when she was 3 months old. The little girl is a carrier of trisomy 21, and her mother does not wait to be in front of the cameras of TF1 to tell her daily life. On social networks, she often shows slices of life to lift the taboo on this disability, and does not hesitate to rant when necessary. This is what she did a few days ago, to denounce the lack of means for the education of children with disabilities.

Louise Orgeval explains Noée will no longer be able to go to school

“We have good and very bad news”begins Louise Orgeval on Instagram. “The good thing is that Noée went to the MDPH commission [Maison départementale des personnes en situation de handicap, ndlr] and that they granted 20 hours of support per an AESH [Accompagnant d’élève en situation de handicap, nldr]. The bad thing is that there is no AESH available in the department, and no budget available to recruit one”laments this mother.

Disappointed, she admits that she was expecting bad news: “We knew that this problem would happen. There are the big phrases to “do well”, and the reality of what is really put in place on the ground”. Louise Orgeval says she is sorry for Noée that she can no longer go to nursery school, because the little girl is having fun there, but having this support is essential for children with Trisomy 21and other disabilities.So yes, Noée for the moment she is learning to put squares in squares and circles in circles. But she made friends and girlfriends and made her mark in the class”, she writes.

Louise Orgeval gives a rant

This situation angers Louise Orgeval, and we understand it. “It is a shame to know that the National Education does not make this recruitment a priority. How many children like Noée cannot go to school for lack of AESH? Because, clearly, it is On December 1st, we both go back to work and Noée will therefore no longer be able to go to school. be next year), one or an AESH be recruited so that she can return to school and see Mistress and friends again”she says.

If the situation is difficult for the family, this mother especially regrets that her daughter suffers from the lack of means for children with disabilities at school: “One more break to experience and a new adaptation to do for her, and for us to do urgently to make up for the shortcomings of the State”. Louise Orgeval is surprised by this “funny people”and we completely share his opinion.

Louise Orgeval (Large families), her daughter with Down’s syndrome will no longer be able to go to school: “It’s a shame”