L’innocent by Louis Garrel, theatrically released on October 12, 2022

Summary : When Abel learns that his mother Sylvie, in her sixties, is about to marry a man in prison, he panics. Supported by Clémence, his best friend, he will do everything to try to protect her. But the meeting with Michel, his new father-in-law, could well offer Abel new perspectives…

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Louis Garreldirector, says:

“I wanted a family history and a criminal case, a misdemeanor. Right away, there was the idea of ​​the mother getting married in prison. It is the mother who, through love, introduces a transgressive element into a completely “legalistic” family.

The starting point of the story is really the story of my mother because she got married in prison and right away I got on well with my stepfather, who opened the doors to me. a world that I did not know. Always fun to see two worlds colliding.

The relationship of a mother to her son is a difficult thing to deal with in cinema. We easily switch to the visceral. The lighter one’s spirit, the better off the film and the spectator.

It’s funny to see a guy who, coming out of prison, is interested in the language of flowers and seems very motivated!

I really wanted to go for an escape film to bring a picaresque adventure to life, with a taste for romance and comedy.”

The Innocent
The Innocent

– Les Films des Tournelles

Louis Garrel evokes its characters:

“Strangely, these are not comedian choices. They are rather choices of couples.

Two great actors can cancel each other out by their acting. I started with Roschdy Zem. It pleased him not to play virile types but a more tender, sentimental person.

I him (Anouk Grinberg) had sent two scenes and when she arrived in the office, I immediately felt that I had nothing more to do, that it was going to work on its own between the two of them like a self-powered circuit.

roschdy is tall, Anouk is small. We did a test. They played the wedding scene, I filmed it and from the first take I told my team that we have to find that during the shooting.

We can film with good cameras, good sets, the new narrative that you add to your script, it will always be the personality of the actors and what happens between them.

Same for Noemie Merlant. I sensed something clownish about her, which I wanted to bring out. As she has never done it, it was very enjoyable for her while having a great fear of going on this ground.

The Innocent
The Innocent

– Les Films des Tournelles

He ends with his own role:

“Basically, my character is the story of an inhibited guy, who will come out of the depression of mourning his wife by freeing himself through an incredible adventure. It may also be the unconscious gesture of his mother, by marrying an inmate, to immerse him in a universe other than his own to bring him out of his torpor.

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The Innocent
The Innocent

– Emmanuelle Firman

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A movie of Louis Garrel


Roschdy Zem : Michael // Anouk Grinberg: Sylvia // Noemie Merlant : Clemence // Louis Garrel :Abel // Jean-Claude Pautot : Jean Paul // Yanisse Kebbab : Caviar truck driver // Lea Wiazemsky : Witness Sylvie // Manda Toure : Fish tank woman // Florent Masarin : Commissioner Delmas

L’innocent by Louis Garrel, theatrically released on October 12, 2022