Lifetime Presents Amor en Navidad, Four Original Productions Featuring Latin American Talent

The four stories, one hour each, are led by a select international cast with actors from Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina and Chile.

With the presence of a large part of the cast, Lifetime presented to the Latin American press its new original production Amor en Navidad, a collection of four films under the successful Lifetime Christmas Movies franchise.

The four stories, one hour each, are led by a select international cast with actors from Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina and Chile, including: Gaby Spanic, Juan Soler, Patricia Manterola, Rafael Novoa, Marlene Favela, Cristián De La Fuente, Danna García, Ricardo Álamo and with special performances by Elluz Peraza and Carlos Mata.

This Saturday, November 26, and every Saturday in December, Lifetime will premiere a new movie starting with The best christmasstarring Juan Soler and Gaby Spanic; A Christmas to Remember with the performance of Danna García, Cristián de la Fuente and Elluz Peraza; delicious christmas with Patricia Manterola and Rafael Novoa. And, to close the cycle, a dad for christmas starring Marlene Favela, Ricardo Álamo and the special participation of Carlos Mata.

«The celebration of Christmas in our region, although it varies from country to country, is celebrated in a very similar way. Family union, food as the central axis and decoration are aspects that unite us. And as a production we saw that it is always snowing in Christmas movies, because in Latin America it does not and in the Southern Cone we know it is summer. So we worked with wardrobes to see a look that could represent our traditions and that wasn’t the coat and scarf, but something more like what we actually wear,” said Carmen Larios, Lifetime’s Senior VP of Content, during the press conference.

“We also work hard to be able to reflect a modern Latin American society, where what matters most to all of us is family. But it is a family that has changed over the years and it is the love we have for each other that keeps us together. In “Love at Christmas”, we will have families that in some cases will be a mother with her children, in another a son with his mother and his sister or a father with his daughter. It is no longer a rigid family, but they are really families guided by love, which is what in Latin America we all have as a guiding thread,” added the executive.

Regarding the realization of this type of production at the regional level, the Chilean actor Cristián de la Fuente highlighted the level of professionalism with which they worked.

“I have been lucky in my career to make Christmas movies for Lifetime in English. And I want to tell people that I am a witness and faithful proof that these projects have absolutely nothing to envy to those that are made in the North American market. What’s more, I think they’re going to end up envying us, for the magic that was achieved in these films. They really are wonderful projects, very cute and that bring us that Christmas spirit that is very necessary, “commented the actor.

Marlene Favela, Carlos Mata, Gaby Spanic, Brigitte Bozzo, Danna García, Cristián de la Fuente, Elluz Peraza and Patricia Manterola shared with the media what Christmas meant to each of them and their childhood memories, but it was the story of the latter, the one that touched the hearts of the press.

«When I was a child with my brother, we had very nice Christmases. My parents always made sure that we were there a little on those dates, but there were Christmases that perhaps were not so abundant. In fact, there was one in which Santa Claus was not going to deliver gifts to us because he had many other poor children to deliver. So my brother and I sold sweets and with what we collected from that sale we bought some Christmas gifts and we left a little money punch for Santa Claus the night that we were supposed to receive and we told him it was for the children who had no resources. and that they could not have a gift. So when my parents woke up that Christmas and saw that letter and saw those little coins, the truth is that their hearts filled,” said Patricia Manterola.

Marlene Favela, who shared credits with Ricardo Álamo and Carlos Mata, said that during filming she felt transported to Christmas.

«I think that what the people of setting, costumes, lighting, makeup and direction achieved was incredible, because they effectively transported us to Christmas at that moment. I hope this happens to everyone who watches this movie series. That they fall in love, that they enjoy, that they dream, that it be a beautiful time to sit down with the family, “said the actress.

And when remembering his Christmas as a child, the Venezuelan singer and actor Carlos Mata commented that his mother died when he was 13 years old, a moment that was very painful for him, his brothers and his father.

“Until the last moment Mom was alive, Christmas was more important than a birthday, more important than any other holiday of the year. All that illusion, that magic, everything it contained, that was very important because, apart from the typical Christmas customs and meals, there was a lot of music in my father’s house. Christmas folk music was sung and then for us it was a time of magic»

For Gaby Spanic, this leading role in one of the “Love at Christmas” movies made her feel very honored.

«It is a film that I know that at this time there are so many conflicts, natural calamities in the world, femicides, so many things that happen… this Christmas people will be able to enjoy family content and dream that they can get ahead in the middle of it. of adversity.”

During the press conference, the Venezuelan actress also announced that she is in other projects with Lifetime to make a film about her life and the difficult situations she has had to go through.

«I know that many women are going to feel identified. It is the first time that I speak about this and this keeps me very excited and I say that Lifetime was an angel in my life to make this project a reality.

While the Colombian Danna García commented that when they told her that there was a Christmas movie for Lifetime, she immediately said that she wanted to do it without even knowing what it was about.

“I only knew that I wanted to do it because I had the background of Lifetime Christmas movies from many years ago. And when I read the script and see that I’m involved in a story that deals with the subject of Alzheimer’s, which touches me in a very personal way because of a close family member, there was an immediate connection and I am very grateful to Lifetime for this opportunity. to make a Christmas movie that fills my heart”

The renowned Venezuelan actress Elluz Peraza, who plays a mother with Alzheimer’s, this role not only brought her back on screen, but also touched her heart by being close to people with this disease.

“It is a beautiful story that you are going to love. Where are they going to go through a roller coaster of emotions. Because they will go through laughter and also a little pain. Mine is a very beautiful character. I, like Dana, also have two very close people who suffer from this disease and it’s nice to be able to highlight it in a project like this so that people take into account the patience and love with which you have to treat people with that problem,” said the actress.

Amor en Navidad has spectacular locations in the State of Jalisco, Mexico. And it is a production once again led by women both in front of and behind the cameras. Amor en Navidad is a co-production with VIP 2000 TV and Yahayra Films, who were also in charge of producing the series Amores que Engañan, and is directed by Nicolas Di Blasi. All under the supervision of Carmen Larios and Juana María Torres, from Lifetime.

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