Lavazza: at Terra Madre the first Coffee Defenders reunion and the announcement of a new blend

On the occasion of Terra Madre Lavazza organized an out-of-home event by gathering the Coffee Defenders, the community of “conscious baristas” with whom it celebrated the culture of good sustainable coffee and announced the launch of a new Lavazza La Reserva de ¡blend. Tierra!

On the opening day of the 14th edition of the Salone del Gusto, Lavazza brought together in Turin for the first time i Coffee Defenders – the community of conscious baristas who, together with their ‘coffee lovers’ customers, spread the culture of good sustainable coffee – to announce the start of a project that involves everyone, producers, baristas, consumers and unveil the launch of a new Lavazza La Reserva de ¡Tierra! blend.

Lavazza invites its customers to reflect on the theme of sustainability; the latter is also the engine of the renewed partnership with Terra Madre Salone del Gusto, active since the first 1996 edition of the event. The theme of this year’s Slow Food event is Regeneration: a radical renewal that starts from the food world – from agricultural practices, to production and distribution systems, passing through purchasing and consumption habits – so that food becomes an engine. of a positive change.

It is in this context that Lavazza – on Thursday 22 September at the Circolo dei Lettore in Turin – has decided to call upon the Coffee Defenders who, with their choices of attention to environmental and social sustainability, contribute to the dissemination of these values ​​shared with Lavazza. The aim of the meeting was to tell the philosophy behind the “change from hand to hand” and to announce a preview of the launch of a new blend from the Lavazza La Reserva de ¡Tierra! Range. A modern round table of comparison between sector excellence for promote the sharing of best practices on sustainability issues and to emphasize the importance of human value and the exchange of experiences and knowledge that comes from the relationship.

Lavazza wants to be a spokesperson for the importance of human relationships, identifying coffee as an opportunity for regeneration that passes from the soil with sustainable agricultural practices to the importance of exchange for people’s awareness. Recognizing the importance of these values, Lavazza wants to convey to all the players involved in the supply chain (from growers to consumers) the importance of “change from hand to hand”, a passage of experience and knowledge to be part of a concrete change and to spread the culture. Sustainability, understood in this way, is a sustainability that evolves thanks to all the people who share the same values ​​and who actively participate in order not to interrupt a chain made of passion, awareness and trust.

Gathering the Coffee Defenders for the first time is an invitation to collaborate to become actors of change from hand to hand. Part of their commitment is to promote awareness that coffee is really good when it is of excellent and sustainable quality.

Lavazza La Reserva de ¡Tierra! Blends, developed for the out-of-home channel, are the perfect way to spread the culture of “good coffee” given that they arise from an international social responsibility project that aims to improve the environmental conditions and production techniques of the communities of coffee growers, but also from the vision of the Lavazza Foundation towards sustainability projects.

The Coffee Defenders present at the event had the opportunity to taste a preview of the blend born in the territories of Cuba where the Lavazza Foundation supports local communities, helping them to adopt agricultural practices to improve the quality of coffee and to involve women and young people in the production chain: The Reserva de ¡Tierra! Cuba, a new Lavazza certified organic product, with a traceable history through blockchain technology and with recyclable packaging *. It will be available on the international market from January 2023.

The first Coffee Defenders reunion ended with the showcooking of the chef Gloria Clama and Tracy Eboigbodin and with the tasting of some coffeetail specially designed for the occasion by Bartender Marco Riccetti, in collaboration with the experts of the Lavazza Training Center.

* Recyclable pack on the national territory in plastic collection. Always check the provisions of your municipality for proper disposal.
The Lavazza Group
Lavazza, founded in Turin in 1895, is an Italian coffee company owned by the family of the same name for four generations. The Group is today one of the main players in the global coffee scenario, with a turnover of over 2.3 billion euros and a portfolio of leading brands in the reference markets such as Lavazza, Carte Noire, Merrild and Kicking Horse. It is active in all business segments, present in 140 markets, with 9 production plants in 6 countries and over 4,200 employees worldwide. The global presence is the result of a growth path that has lasted for over 125 years and the over 30 billion cups of Lavazza coffee produced per year are today the testimony of a great success story, to continue to offer the best coffee possible in any shape, taking care of every aspect of the supply chain, from the selection of the raw material to the product in the cup.
The Lavazza Group has revolutionized the coffee culture thanks to continuous investments in Research and Development: from the intuition that marked the company’s first success – the coffee blend – to the development of innovative packaging solutions; from the first espresso drunk in Space to the dozens of industrial patents developed. An attitude to be ahead of the times which is also reflected in the attention paid to the issue of sustainability – economic, social and environmental – which has always been considered a reference for guiding corporate strategy. “Awakening a better world every morning” is the purpose of the Lavazza Group, which aims to create sustainable value for shareholders, employees, consumers and the communities in which it operates, combining competitiveness with social and environmental responsibility.

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