La Cucinotta returns to the island of the ‘Postino’: it is president of the Procida Film Festival 2022

The tenth edition of the Procida Film Festival 2022 will kick off a Procida (Na), at the Hall “Procida Hall”tomorrow – Monday 19 September to end on Saturday 24 September. For the occasion, with the new artistic direction of Antonio De Feowhose intent is to bring the event back to international levels, the actress Maria Grazia Cucinotta back to the island of Arturo and it’s “The postman”As President of the jury. The schedule of the projections of the 24 works selected and the names of the jurors.

The official program of the event
Monday 19 September 2022

Le Rendez-vous des Arts (animated film) – 10:00
Walter Rastelli – Italy
The Journey (animated film) – 03.15
Juan Pablo Etcheverry, Fabio Teriaca – Italy
Steps (animated film) – 08:45
Tatiana Moshkova, Marina Moshkova – Russia
Chroma Key (category reserved for film school students) – 15:00
Max Puglisi – United Kingdom
La pescatora (cinema è donna) – 3.00 pm
Lucia Lorè – Italy
Emma’s journey (cinema and woman) – 7:32 am
Sade Patti – Italy
Presentation and Italian premiere of the film “Voyage to Procida”
by Federico Siniscalco, Fabrizio Varesco and Tom Mooney
Present in
in the hall the directors, the actors and part of the troupe
In national preview in Procida, “Voyage to Procida” tells the story of Leonardo (Giovanni Scotto di Carlo), a native of Procida with a maritime profession, who earns his living aboard ships, and Georgia (Melanie Neu), a young New Yorker always fascinated by Italy, the land of her ancestors.
A chance encounter between the two develops into a love affair. Unexpected events bring Georgia to Procida, where she is fascinated by the millenary history of the island and the lifestyle of its inhabitants. In particular, Giorgia is struck by the role of Procidan women and thanks to them she finds the strength to make a demanding decision.
At the end
of the screening, the directors and actors will discuss with the audience.
The meeting will be conducted by the Repubblica journalist Pasquale Raicaldo.

Tuesday 20 September 2022
The Doctor of the Dolls (short film – 15:00
Lucia Vita – Italy
Lightweight, very light (short film) – 15:00
Antimo Campanile – Italy
Kiss – the future of a generation (short film) – 20:00
Tony Morgan, Roberta Arnone, Jacopo Dotti, Fabio Finazzi – Italy
Phase 3 (short film) – 7:55 pm
Omar Nedjari – Italy
Presentation and screening of the film “Come prima”
Directed by Tommy Weber with Francesco Di Leva, Antonio Folletto, Massimiliano Rossi, Hugo Dillon, Gianluca Gobbi.
The director Tommy Weber and the actor Antonio Folletto were present
Fabio and André, two brothers, have not seen each other for seventeen years, since Fabio left his family’s home in Procida to fight alongside Mussolini’s black shirts. The father just died. And, at his will, André went to France to look for his brother to attend the funeral. He begins a long journey by car to reach his native island, through landscapes traumatized by the war, the same war that separated Fabio and André.
At the end of the screening, the director and the actors will discuss with the audience.

Wednesday 21 September 2022
Twenty Minutes (short film) – 19:50
Daniele Esposito – Italy
Dinner with delivery (short film) – 09:00
Daniele Catini – Italy
Mario’s girls (short film) – 5:33 pm
Cinzia Mirabella
The hidden face of Cyberbullying (short film) – 07:54
Christian Olcese, Filippo Castagnola – Italy
Puccio D’Aniello – Behind the mask (short film) – 15:00
Gianluigi Iorio, Diego Sommaripa – Italy
Presentation and screening of the film “The perfect dinner”
Directed by Davide Minnella with Salvatore Esposito, Greta Scarano, Gianluca Fru, Gianfranco Gallo, Antonella Attili, Antonio Grosso.
Present in the room the director Davide Minnella and the actors Gianfranco Gallo and Ganluca Fru.
Carmine, a Camorra man who, despite his illegal activities with the Camorra, has a good soul. To launder the dirty money, coming from shady trades, he has opened a restaurant and, while he is looking for an excellent chef to work in the kitchen, he meets Consuelo.
Consuelo is one of those chefs who pursues perfection in his dishes and will forge a strong bond with the Camorra, thanks to the passion of both for food and the common goal of winning a Michelin star. The restaurant and this new purpose will lead Consuelo to give herself a second chance in life, while for Carmine it will be a way to redeem herself from his criminal past.
At the end of the screening, the director and the actors will discuss with the audience.

Thursday 22nd September 2022
Red Market (short film) – 3pm
Walter Nicoletti – Italy
Destined spouses Lo Giglio (short film) – 10:36
Nicola Prosatore – Italy
‘Merica (short film) – 14:12
Alex Scopini – Italy
Music in the soul (short film) – 2.00 pm
Loris Arduino – Italy
Amici per la pelle (short film) – 2.30pm
Angela Bevilacqua – Italy
Presentation and screening of the film “L’Arminuta”, based on the novel by Donatella Di Pietrantonio, winner of the Campiello 2017 prize. The film received 4 nominations for the Silver Ribbons, three nominations and won a David di Donatello award.
Directed by Giuseppe Bonito with Sofia Fiore, Carlotta De Leonardis, Vanessa Scalera, Fabrizio Ferracane.
Present in the room the producer Roberto Sbarigia, the director Giuseppe Bonito, the actors Sofia Fiore and Carlotta De Leonardis.
A thirteen-year-old girl everyone calls the Arminuta discovers she is not the daughter of the people she grew up with and is returned to her real family.
At the end of the screening, the director and the actors will discuss with the audience.

Friday 23 September 2022
The good manners (short film) – 19:00
Valerio Vestoso – Italy
Chains (short film) – 5:19 pm
Silvia Estella Ondina Sanna – Italy
Yes, I do (short film – 10:00
Enzo Bruno, Vincenzo Cirillo, Rocco Oliveri – Italy
Pappo e Bucco (short film) – 15:00
Antonio Losito – Italy
Presentation and screening of the documentary “Where my fingers end up” The Procidan musician Osvaldo Di Dio tells us about his twenty years of musical career, also recalling how he was the protagonist of an initiative that brought together people from all over Italy, among themselves unknown, in a group of a musical cultural nature.
Director Marco Mandelli was present in the room.
Short “live” by Osvaldo Di Dio at the end of the screening.

Saturday 24th September 2022
Beginning of the award ceremony
Presentation of the collective pictorial exhibition “The faces of Massimo Troisi”
“From tomorrow I get up late” movie trailer
Unpublished backstage “Il Postino”
Stefano Veneruso, curator of the exhibition
Pantaleone Annunziata, Scabec Spa
Rosanna Romano, Campania Region
moderates Paride Leporace
“Alleria” songs by Pino Daniele between stories, melody and dreams written by Alessandra Della Guardia and Urbano Lione
Directed by Leandro Amato
Musical direction Fabio Massimo Colasanti
Noemi Gherrero conducts the evenings. He moderates the writer, essayist and actress Liliana Eritrei.
With the participation of Salvatore Misticone
Jurors List:
Maria Grazia Cucinotta (President) – actress and producer;
Paride Leporace – journalist and film critic;
Luca Manfredi – screenwriter and director;
Guido Roncalli Di Montorio – actor;
Fania Petrocchi – RAI producer;
Chiara Conti – actress

La Cucinotta returns to the island of the ‘Postino’: it is president of the Procida Film Festival 2022 –