Keanu Reeves is the nicest man in the world, the proof!

It’s common knowledge: Keanu Reeves may have been an actor for almost 40 years, he has always remained humble, in addition to being known for his great generosity and his accessibility to fans.

It’s now, casually, almost 40 years that Keanu Reeves walks his figure on the small and big screen. The actor, now 58 years old, has never adopted the behavior of a diva. On the contrary, he is well known for being a very humble and very accessible person, wherever he is. For its very large community of fans already, who never fail to recount their encounters with their idol, even at the bend of a red light in the street.

He is equally appreciated and highly respected in the profession, known for his generosity and genuine generosity. Examples of this abound. With his stamps obtained on the Matrix saga, he has donated several million dollars for research against leukemia, in addition to creating a foundation. A disease which was diagnosed to her sister, Kim, in 1991, and which she fought for ten years before going into remission in 2001. Note also that the story of the 70% of her fee donated was beaten by his artistic agent at the beginning of the year. The fact remains that the man is very generous.

An actor adored by film crews

“Family friend builds movie sets […]reported a user on Reddit. “He worked on The Matrix and Keanu heard about his family issues. He gave him a $20,000 Christmas bonus. He was also one of the only people on set who really wanted to know the names of the people, who greeted them, and who spoke to them as to his peers […]”.

Luxury watches (Rolex Submariners) offered to the stuntmen of John Wick 4, when they are not outright motorcycles offered to the stuntmen of Matrix, truffles and champagnes for Sandra Bullock during the filming of Speed… Not to mention that he accepts very regularly to lower his salary, so that the producers of his films can hire other talents.

In an interview given to Total Moviein 2008, he said that he was paid two million dollars less than what was planned to play in The Devil’s Associate, which had allowed the studios to hire Al Pacino.

“A rather noble gesture on your part” commented the journalist. “Really? To make this movie and for Al Pacino to play this role, it was…” Is that all I have to do? Sure ! What else should I do? Because I will!” When I found out he said yes, my blood boiled. Working with him, being able to do those last scenes between him and me…J ‘ll be lucky if I reach those heights again, you know” replied the actor.

And to cite another example. On the film The Replacements, he had flatly agreed to reduce his salary by 90%, in order to be able to shoot with another legend, Gene Hackman. “We had some lighter scenes to do together. But spending time with him, and seeing how – both actors – shape their craft… They’re such fabulous actors.” Keanu Reeves well deserves his nickname of the nicest man in the world.

Keanu Reeves is the nicest man in the world, the proof!