Jujuy puts the focus on Emotional Education

In these lines, he stressed that during the workshop “you will be able to learn about the perspective of neuroscience, from where we can approach it, how to work with skills and abilities”, for which he highlighted the gratitude to the foundation “for providing all these tools that They will be very necessary.”

In addition, he expressed the importance of addressing emotions with families, indicating that “we need the full support of the first institutional cell that is the family, it has to be present in the educational community, accompanying the education of their sons and daughters, because the first values ​​are presented in the house”.

On the other hand, the minister stressed that “from the Ministry of Education and the PROMACE Teacher Training Program, we offer a variety of training courses, which are universal, free and with teacher points.” It should be noted that the Continuous Teacher Training Program in Curriculum Development and Digital Education currently has more than 21,000 enrolled and more than 15 training proposals that promote inclusion, innovation, interculturality and teacher identity.

In her turn, the undersecretary of Educational Coordination, Vanesa Humacata, expressed that “Emotional Education at this time is necessary to guarantee educational quality and containment in our students.”

In this sense, he explained that “the ‘Saberes 22’ program has a team of 250 teachers who work territorially throughout the province of Jujuy, who currently managed to re-engage 3,000 students who, due to different situations, disassociated themselves from educational institutions. , with this work it was determined that one of the factors that dissociation goes through with more force are Mental Health situations”.

For this reason, he remarked that “the subject of Emotional Education is support, not only for the students that we revitalize, but also for the teachers who do this work in the territory and for the teachers who are in the educational institutions and verify the complexity that our students go through.

For her part, the coordinator of the Continuous Teacher Training Program in Curriculum Development and Digital Education of PROMACE, Claudia Echenique, thanked the Minister of Education, María Teresa Bovi for “being able to promote something as fundamental as Comprehensive Emotional Education, of the which is part of the ‘Presence in Education’ Program”.

“Today we start this Emotional Education proposal that is articulated with the work that the Ministry of Education has been carrying out in the regulation of the Provincial Law that approves the Provincial Emotional Education Program, a Jujuy and unique initiative at the country level,” he said. Echenique and highlighted the accompaniment of “the technical teams of the Ministry of Education, which make it possible to hold workshops, of the teachers and directors who send us their contributions, and also of the College of Psychologists, Educational Psychologists and other Civil Associations that work in outfit for this.”

During the day, the work carried out by the Ministerial Agents and Referents of Civil Society on the Regulation of Provincial Law 6244/21 on Emotional Education was socialized.

Likewise, the specialist Norma Lima, conducted a workshop, through an interactive methodology, to accompany the conceptual development given in the classes of the “Presence in Education” course.

At the beginning of her presentation, Norma Lima expressed that “I feel honored to share this moment with you and I really want to congratulate you because being pioneers in an Emotional Education Law is a great value”, which means that “Jujuy really decides to focus on the comprehensive development of its educational actors”.

Jujuy puts the focus on Emotional Education