The 20th anniversary of the foundation of VOSDI (Volunteer Operators of Inclusion Services), a voluntary association dedicated to supporting people with disabilities and their families.

Over time, today precisely 20 years, the association has grown with a constant commitment that has never failed even in the moments of greatest difficulty.

And today it is certainly a point of reference not only for Ispica, where it is located, but for various realities of the provincial and extra territory.

The evening saw the ‘story’ told from the stage by the young and old attending the association regarding the organization of their days, the projects started, the supplementary outdoor activities.

A professional work organized by Arianna Perentin, educator of the ‘Casa del Volontariato’, the vital center of Vosdi with the irreplaceable support of the boys of the Universal Civil Service of ASSOD.

“Our ‘work’ with young people – declared Arianna – is essential to give that fundamental and useful pedagogical training and education also to those with disabilities. It is a work similar to any type of pedagogical education which, however, needs to have different attitudes and abilities”.

An evening that served to celebrate all together, including songs, skits and individual performances. Like that of Dario, one of the special boys of the association and volunteer of the Universal Civil Service, who gave “breath” to his trumpet.

An evening, however, also to let those present know “how” and “what” a voluntary association does that deals not with people from a “different segment”, but with people, integral players in the social fabric who only require attention , different skills and professionalism, greater personal and emotional sensitivity.

To bring the greetings of the municipal administration of Ispica, the president of the Municipal Council, Lorenzo Ricca, who highlighted how, despite the objective difficulties of a municipality in a state of “financial distress”, everything is being done to support the voluntary associations . In particular those, such as VOSDI, which have been working for years to provide answers to the problem of inclusion beyond diversity of any kind.

Also present was the city councilor Mary Ignaccolo who delivered the paintings offered by VOSDI as a prize for participating in the evening.

Presences also from outside the province

The organizational capacity of the Ispica volunteer groups was also seen in the presence of guests from other local realities.

After waiting for a group from Avola who had to cancel at the last minute, volunteers from the “Futura” coop were present in Ispica, which manages the “Gruppo Appartamento ”. It is a real apartment that houses 5 children with disabilities but absolutely independent and who, inside the apartment, carry out a real family life assisted by Civil Service volunteers coordinated by Dr. Carmine Vinci, pedagogist.

The evening was also hosted by the mayor of Buscemi (SR), Rossella La Pira, a municipality that has started a collaboration with Vosdi for the “Mountain Boys” project which involved the two mountain communities of Buccheri and Buscemi in a project coordinated by the social worker Filippo Spadola and who started a synergy that already has other projects planned.

To close the evening, after the intervention of d.ssa Anna Aiello, auditor and former councilor of the Municipality of Modica and, before the cutting of the cake that ‘certified’ the birthday, the story of the president Vosdi Mariacarmela Spadaro and of Paolo Santoro, also among the founding members of Assod onlus of Ispica.

“We were born to give help – excited Paolo Santoro and Mariacarmela Spadaro declared from the stage – because offering assistance to those who need special attention could not be forgotten or neglected.”

“It wasn’t easy – continued Santoro addressing the public number that listened attentively to these words – because the realities we are confronted with are difficult. Too often we forget, or perhaps get confused, the idea of ​​’volunteering’ as an activity that can do without a budget, funds and money. And instead if the contribution of the boys of the Universal Civil Service (SCU, ed.) is indispensable, the management and administration of these activities, also for having the SCU operators themselves, is demanding and also onerous. We, I repeat, have never stopped. Seeing the change in the attitudes of our kids and the relief of families, often really at risk in the case of managing a person with disabilities, is a satisfaction that supports us and makes us always work to have even more services to offer”.

A special thanks was given to the ‘Fondazione con il Sud’ which with its help supplemented the association’s budget allowing for better implementation of the projects.

Upcoming engagements

Among Vosdi’s next commitments is a new project again with the municipality of Buscemi, extended to other municipal realities and awaiting evaluation by the Region.

Meanwhile, the activities of the day center continue. The “Casa del Volontariato” this year will also host a part of the “House of Santa Claus”, a project in collaboration with other associations present in Ispica.

Ispica – 20 years of VOSDI: when solidarity makes history –