In Limoux, Ussap inaugurates its center for fragility

In operation for several months already, the unit dedicated to the care of the elderly was officially inaugurated on Thursday 24 November. The objective: to identify age-related disorders as soon as possible in order to treat them better, and thus facilitate home care.

“People need to live their old age as well as possible because old age is not a disease”. Doctor Brigitte Gers, chief doctor of the geriatric sector within the Health and Social Union for Support and Prevention presented Thursday, November 24 the premises of the brand new Limouxine structure. Inaugurated in the presence of Xavier Crisnaire (departmental representative of the ARS), Christian Codorniou (president of the Ussap) of elected officials and representatives of the institutions, the structure is actually functional “for many months”. “We opened in the midst of the Covid crisis”said Sylvie Bonetto (Director General of Ussap), also present.

Called “SSR day hospital” or “frailty center”, this service has a very specific mission: to supplement the geriatric devices and establishments already existing in the territory, by allowing a more in-depth diagnosis of the disorders of old age. Fatigue, loss of appetite or weight, decrease in physical activity, walking or memory problems… the site welcomes anyone over 65, with “chronic diseases” or some “warning signs” can be a sign of weakness.

Several official representatives took part in the visit to the premises.
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A thorough diagnosis…

“The people concerned are first of all received in an interview with a member of their family, with myself and a member of the nursing staff.indicates the Dr Gers. It is for us to see whether or not our service is adapted to their needs, or if we need to direct them to another structure or association. In any case, no one leaves without an answer.

The identified patients then undergo a standardized geriatric assessment: they are taken care of for a whole day by the various health professionals specializing in old age (doctor, dietician, psychologist, etc.). “At the end of this day, if the profile of the person requires it, we decide to follow him during workshops spread over eight weeks”details the Dr Gers.

The objective of this process: to ensure a thorough diagnosis to identify the disorders of old age from which the person suffers, to offer him a care “as personalized as possible”. Backed by a complete assessment of their level of autonomy, patients thus have a prevention plan and a personalized follow-up that allows them to return home with peace of mind. “The fragility center aims to keep the person serenely at home”says Sylvie Bonetto.

The center has a room dedicated to mobility.

The center has a room dedicated to mobility.
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… to best treat the ailments of old age

Inspired by a center in Toulouse, the SSR day hospital welcomed 70 patients in 2022. The team of this service carried out 66 consultations, 57 assessments, and 41 people attended workshops. “Most of the people we received had memory problems.note the Dr Gers. They were on average 81 years old.

All the actors and partners present agreed: the center of fragility must allow the inhabitants of the sector to “to live their old age peacefully”and this while being supported “completely” by staying at home while avoiding being isolated. A structure that comes to support the already existing services, associations and medical devices, like a snub to medical desertification.

Contact:, 25 walkway (Limoux).

An aging territory

The Limoux frailty center completes the geriatric care offer provided by Ussap through several services and nursing homes throughout the department. During its inauguration, the various actors and partners welcomed the creation of the structure. Especially since the Aude and more particularly the territories of Limouxin and the Haute Vallée are in great need of it. “More than 12% of the Aude population is over 75 years oldnoted Sylvie Bonetto. This makes us the oldest department in Occitania, even going above the national average”.

In Limoux, Ussap inaugurates its center for fragility