How to make culture in times of crisis. The example of the Lyrick theater

by Francesca Cecchini

ASSISI (Perugia) – Despite the tough times and the increase in operating costs, linked to the expensive bills, the Lyrick theater in Assisi returns to reopen its doors to the general public and does so with a very ambitious season, curated, as always, by the ZonaFranca association under the artistic direction of Paolo Cardinali, created with the support of the City of Assisi. Twenty-four shows that starting from 5 November will range from brilliant comedy to musicals, passing through classical and contemporary dance, without forgetting moments of reflection with original monologues, Italian music and also touching operetta.

The bill was presented on Monday 19 September at the Palazzo della Provincia di Perugia by the artistic director and by Stefania Proietti and Veronica Cavallucci, respectively mayor and councilor for culture of the Municipality of the seraphic city. Paolo Cardinali himself describes the bill in Umbria7.

Not only will further additions to the program be announced soon, but also two new projects: one more intimate and one that will involve the entire region (but Cardinali is not unbuttoning for now). But how does ZonaFranca manage to set up such an articulated season, considering the dizzying increase in costs?

The City of Assisi takes full responsibility for the expenses for the season, in addition to the support it gives to the association for the shows. A municipal administration that demonstrates love for culture and its theater, as the words of the mayor and councilor clearly demonstrate.
Stefania Proietti launches an appeal, a sort of challenge, to the citizens of all of Umbria: «Let’s fill the theater, let’s make it a meeting place, because only in this way will we be able to support culture. Because, let us remember, it is with culture that the future is built ».
This was echoed by Veronica Cavallucci who confirmed the commitment of the municipal administration, as happened in the last two years, to facilitate the enjoyment of young people in the theater with projects tailor-made for them that provide for special discounts. The Lyrick, among other things, is part of the redevelopment area of ​​the former Montedison and the commissioner has announced that it will therefore be subject to restyling. “We – she stressed – will not stop investing and believing in culture and our theater”.


Let’s start on November 5th with “Gospel connection mass choir in concert”, expected concert of the “Gospel Connection”, For the occasion, together with pastor Ron Howard, renowned teachers from the United States of America such as Trini Massie, Timothy Reddik, Nikki Porter and Pastor Keith Moncrief.
November 8 and 9 the record musical, “Mamma mia!” directed by Massimo Romeo Piparo who will see Luca Ward, Clayton Norcross, Sergio Muniz and Sabrina Marsciano on stage.
On the occasion of its centenary, November 17 arrives “Il Paese dei campanelli” by Carlo Lombardo and Virgilio Ranzato, the most famous Italian operetta that will feature the Corrado Abbati company. The story takes us to an imaginary Dutch island where above each house there is a small bell tower with a bell. According to legend, these bells ring every time a betrayal occurs and a ship of sailors arrives to sow disorder in the quiet village.
November 25th Dodi Battaglia and his guitars will be the protagonists of “In my strings”, a story in music, that of the Pooh, but not only, and of many successes by one of the most popular guitarists in Italy. An intimate and amusing dialogue (sometimes to the point of irreverence) between Dodi and his “traveling companions”.
December 2nd appointment with the musical comedy “The great opportunity … who knows if it goes” by Maria Carla Rodomonte, the story of a great contemporary variety company that finds itself experiencing “a great opportunity” because a well-known politician, as well as minister of entertainment and odor as premier, he falls in love with the first woman of the company.
December 8th space for dance with David Parsons’ “Parson Dance”, the renowned American company loved by the public for its athletic and vital dance that transmits joie de vivre, cornerstone of post-modern dance made in the USA.
December 17 Katia Ricciarelli, Pino Quartullo, Caudio Insegno and Nadia Rinaldi will be the protagonists of the brilliant comedy in two stages “Reunion of the family”. One evening, Massimiliano reunites his brother Beniamino and his sister Fanny shortly before a dinner with their mother: the three have serious financial problems and none of them are able to support her anymore. The only solution is to suppress it.
December 26th the Russian classical ballet directed by Evgeniya Bespalova and Denis Karakashev brings on stage “The Nutcracker”, a ballet in two acts based on the fairy tale “The Nutcracker and the Mouse King” by ETA Hoffmann.
After performing in more than 50 countries as an illusionist, Erix Logan returns to tour Italy and arrives at Lyrick December 28th and 29th with “The Disillusionist ™”, accompanied by the voice of Sara Maya. Between latest generation technologies, special effects and live soprano singing, not a new show, but a different and innovative way that subverts the usual concept of a magic show.
2023 will open under the sign of the musical on January 5 with “Beauty and the Beast. A rose for a life ”written and directed by Simona Paterniani, also interpreter of the main female role. A tale full of special effects and full of emotions.
January 12 you dream with a breathtaking journey through Asia, suspended between dance and circus art that continues to attract audiences from all over the world, with “dalai nuur – Suggestions of the East”.
January 18 again musical with the company of the Rancia directed by Saverio Marconi in “Grease” which with its electrifying soundtrack and irresistible choreography, full of rhythm and energy, has made entire generations fall in love (and dance).

Presentation of the 2022_2023 season. Lyrick Theater

January 25 it will be the turn of “Casanova opera pop”, a musical by Red Canzian. The blockbuster of musical theater set in the Venice of the 18th century and dedicated to one of the most famous Italian characters in the world, Giacomo Casanova, at an age of around 35, on his return from exile and a staunch defender of Venice from the power games that they would like to sell it to the foreigner.
“Leave every lead you who enter” is the title of the theatrical monologue by and with Maurizio Lastrico del February 4th.
Four actors, four dancers and the live orchestra for “Van Gogh Cafè” written and directed by Andrea Ortis, a new show still under construction that will also touch Assisi on February 16.
After the great success of last year, the staging of the musical “Pretty Woman” continues at the Lyrick theater on February 22. Written by Garry Marshall and JF Lawton (original director and screenwriter of the film), it uses a unique soundtrack, which combines pop and romantic songs composed by two excellent authors: Bryan Adams and Jim Vallance.
Massimo Ghini and Paolo Ruffini together on stage on February 28 with “Almost friends”, from the homonymous film by Eric Toledano and Olivier Nakache, the important story of a friendship that binds two men with completely different lives.
March 3 there is “The neighbor’s grass is always greener”, written, directed and performed by Carlo Buccirosso. Mario Martusciello, a wealthy bank official, who has been in open marital crisis with his wife for some time, has taken refuge for a few months in a modern studio apartment, experiencing a moment of deep depression and dissatisfaction and begins a journey in the spasmodic search for freedom and a ‘ new mental openness.
“The magical mistery story” is the title of The Beatbox show dedicated to the history and music of the Beatles. Through the songs, the stories of the conductor and music journalist Carlo Massarini, in the space of two hours on the 11th of March you will go to relive the incredible adventure of the British balds.
There is a magical place where reality meets and exceeds fantasy, a place where madness is a way of feeling life: it is “The Dream Factory” by and with Sal Da Vinci at Lyrick on March 16. The show, which follows the example of American musicals in grand style, tells the story of a singer-songwriter forgotten by the world, who lives in an abandoned and dilapidated asylum close to demolition.
March 19 the brilliant fairy tale “The Wizard of Oz”, taken from the book by L. Frank Baum, will be proposed in the form of a family show in a completely original scenic key: the language of the musical and the contemporary circus that merge into a new dimension.
March 23 the Milan Ballet will compete in “Notre Dame de Paris”, a new ballet in two acts with music by various authors, freely inspired by the novel by Victor Hugo. The choreography is by Stephen Delattre, artistic direction of Carlo Pesta.
March 28 with “Solo – The legend of quick-change” the one man show Arturo Brachetti will lead the public not only in the art of transformation, which made him famous all over the world, but also on a journey through his artistic history.
To close the curtain on the season – date yet to be defined – will be “The hammock of tomorrow, considerations in public in the presence of a cow” by and with Michele Serra, directed by Andrea Renzi.

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How to make culture in times of crisis. The example of the Lyrick theater