House of the Dragon: Why they decided to make the Velaryon look this way

One of the most talked about topics in the House of the Dragon series is about the Velaryon family and George R. R. Martin’s adaptation of the books. The showrunner of the show has revealed the reason why they decided on this notorious trait in the characters of the family.

One of the many differences between House of the Dragon and the original series of game of Thrones is the diversity of its cast. Despite the praise and acclaim for the GoT series, she was predominantly played by white actors. In creating the prequel, co-creator and showrunner, Ryan Countyfound a sensible way to bring a more representative set of actors to Westeros, while staying in line with the premise of George R.R. Martin and the Velaryon family.

Before the premiere of House of the Dragon when the casting of the actors was announced, viewers were shocked when HBO revealed that the Velaryon family would be played by black actors. The news caused quite a stir among fans of the books of George R.R. Martin and the most critical on these issues.

This decision was not easy for the producers of the prequel series, but the choice of actor Steve Toussaint for the role of the Sea Serpent (aka Corlys Velaryon) had an impact on the entire plot depicted on the show. However, showrunner Ryan Condal stated in an interview with TheGrill that the decision was not as easy as deciding that the plot of House of the Dragon was more diverse.

“I don’t think it was that simple. I think the reason that election was successful, frankly – I mean, not everyone is going to be happy – the reason it was successful is because it was thought, not done. On the surface, it wasn’t done for the sake of being seen as progressive or someone who covers all the bases or anything like that,” Kondal said.

Also, the showrunner assured that we live in 2022, in a different time than the one in which the series was made, where there is an incredibly diverse audience that he is not only in the United States, but in many countries of the world, that he speaks different languages, that he represents all skin colors. And it was very important to see some of that reflection on the screen.

What George RR Martin said about the Velaryons in House of the Dragon

House of the Dragon: Creators of the series clarify the reasons for this feature of the Velaryon

As for why the Velaryons were the right family for them to be black characters, the showrunner says that it has to do with what George RR Martin said about family in the books. On the other hand, Ryan Condal also explained that the time in which it takes place House of the Dragon It’s not that far from the fall of Valyria.

“We know that everyone has silver hair, we know that some have an affinity with dragons. And we know that they are considered, as the books and the series say, closer to the gods than to humans. What does that look like? Always I’ve been intrigued by this article where George talks about how he had the idea to make all the Velarions black and silver-haired while he was writing these books, that image has always intrigued me.”

The series creator also added that there’s another tangible benefit to the Velaryon family being black: With so many actors (and with so many similar names), it’s easier to tell the different families apart. Despite all the comments that have been made on this subject, the reality is that the performance of each of the actors of the Velaryon family has been brilliant, something that has earned points to combat racism and increased the admiration of a greater number of spectators.

House of the Dragon: Why they decided to make the Velaryon look this way