“Happy to be Musazzi”, in a book the whole life of the soul of Legnanesi

“Happy to be Musazzi”, presented the book on Felice Musazzi, co-founder of the famous Legnanesi dialect theater company.

“Happy to be Musazzi”, life in a book

The book has been published for the 100th anniversary of his birth and it’s going great. We are talking about “Happy to be Musazzi”, a volume completely dedicated to Happy Musazzico-founder and legend Theresa of the dialectal theater company dei from Legnano. Which was presented yesterday evening, Thursday 17 November 2022, at the Nuova terra bookshop in Legnano. There were the editors of the book (the committee created for the centenary of the actor’s birth) together with his daughter Sandra (who with his family gave a precious hand to the work), as well as some actors of the company such as Giordano Fenocchio, Daniel Parini (son of Josephthe Cornelia) And Maurizio Albe (who wears the clothes of carmel he was born in Carmel) beyond Chicco Barlocco (current production manager and nephew of Tony Barloccothe mythical Mabilia) and were also remembered Luigi Zoni, Renato Lombardi (there Chetta), Alberto Destrieri (there Pinetta), Romuald Benti And Free Galimberti. A book that is the result of years of work, full of photographs and stories, which traces the human experience (including the return on foot from Russia) and artistic experience of Musazzi (actor admired by Fellini, Walter Chiari, Gianni Morandi and many others) with the turning point that evening at the famous Odeon theater in Milan. The proceeds will be destined in part to the Felice Musazzi school in San Lorenzo di Parabiago (the town where Musazzi was born) and for a university scholarship.

Daughter’s testimony

“The book was dedicated to my mother, a woman who passed away two months ago at the age of 100 and she was the pillar in my father’s life – recalled Sandra Musazzi – Dad was a father like any other , a man who went to work at Franco Tosi and in the evening, on his second job, was Teresa working on the stage. He was a very good actor and director, it has been said of him: ‘It’s a pity that the greatest Italian actress is a man dressed as a woman’. Now the adventure continues with many shows”. The commitment to the book is great: “We searched the house for photos, testimonials and much more to be able to make a portrait of the man and the Lombard theater – continued Sandra – Back then you couldn’t have promiscuous company and hence the idea of ​​going on stage with clothes stolen from their aunts and grandmothers“. And again: “For all of us family members it was normal to have the Teresa at home, as well as going to the theater and on stage. And she dressed as a woman, for us it was never a problem!”. A memory was also for historical actors from Legnanesi such as

The meeting between Musazzi and Gassman

“We are in 2022, the company was born in 1949, in those years Pirandello and Eduardo De Filippo dominated the scene: well, 70 years have passed and Pirandello’s company does not exist, just as there is no De Filippo, but I Legnanesi are still here – recalled Fenocchio, who worked for years alongside Musazzi from 1978 – How come someone like Musazzi, who was a worker at Tosi, who hadn’t attended the academy or studied art, is still so loved and famous? The answer is all here: beyond his skill, people identified with their characters: because it was the life of the old Lombard courtyards, telling everyday stories”. Fenocchio who told an important anecdote: “It was 1984 and I was with Felice in Milan to see the show by Vittorio Gassman, he saw Felici and gave him kisses and hugs and then we met at the restaurant. Gassman asked Felice: but how come you worker, not in a derogatory sense, do 5 straight months of shows in Milan and I who am Gassman come to Milan from Rome every two years and I do three weeks the third week doesn’t fill the theater? Unfortunately I don’t know the answer: I had moved away and I didn’t hear the answer! He was a great teacher, he introduced me to the theatre: 44 years have passed since then and the theater is still my life!”.
Answer given last night by his daughter Sandra: “I think my father replied that it was because of the humility and simplicity he had on stage.”

The memory of the other actors

“My father Giuseppe worked with Felice for many years – said Danilo Parini, who has also been an actor for years in the company – Dad was so much in love with Legnano who composed this poem: ‘Legnano is a flower of Youth, that’s why the southerners come to lur gan San Gennaro and Núm ghem San Lurenzu, lur gan ul clear sea and Núm gavem the ulona with the canal between Boffalora Rho and Cantalo’ when al fuma ul rudu le’ un Vesuviu puse’ bel ch’el so’. a mangy piece of furniture, dominates the entire railing – he recited in his short monologue – The railing is beautiful, the railing is the associative universe, it is the center of the world, solidarity, gossip, work, sweat, Teresa’s disenchanted and wise gaze where a thick fog hides everything, then they recall the famous phrase “Sem nasu per patì…patem!“.

The memory of Mabilia’s nephew

“I remember when my uncle Tony Barlocco was an actor and I, as a child, went around the dressing rooms of the theaters – added Chicco Barlocco – Musazzi and Barlocco were, in my opinion, a truly exceptional couple. Today we are trying to carry on, first with my dad and now me with Sandra and many others, the story that was created 70 years ago“. The Legnanesi are in fact now engaged in their new show “Free to dream” which will tour 100 dates.

“Happy to be Musazzi”, in a book the whole life of the soul of Legnanesi – Prima Milano Ovest