Guanajuato in a growing line of attacks on journalists, warns Article 19

Guanajuato. The state maintains a constant of attacks against journalists almost two cases per month. This includes it in the crisis of impunity that the entire country presents in crimes against freedom of expression. So he warned Pedro Cárdenas Casillas, Coordinator of Documentation and Follow-up of Article 19 Cases.

He explained that at the national level there have been attacks almost once every 14 hours and from the most up-to-date data that they have published for the first half of this year, there were eleven attacks in Guanajuato specifically.

Photo: Courtesy, Article 19

“We are practically talking about two attacks a month for the first six months, which, if every 15 days you have an attack against the press, well, it speaks of the fact that a high-speed environment is maintained in Guanajuato against journalistic practice.”

He said that Guanajuato has had ups and downs on this issue. However, in recent years there has been an increase in attacks by organized crime.

“That is quite worrying, because through the press one goes a little to more situations, where violence is actually taking place by non-state actors.”

He said that if you see a comparison of recent years, It began to escalate in 2015 more or less that in the whole year there were three attacks. Then, for example, two years later there were already 17, then they went up to 25 in 2020, and in 2021 there were 31.

Photo: Jessica De la Cruz, Zona Franca News (file)

“So, if we are saying that in recent years there has been an increase in violence in Guanajuato, this year it seems to be establishing itself a bit. But we also have to remember, and this is very important to analyze the figures, that we also depend on the press actually wanting to denounce or report us”.

He also warned a black figure which is hard to measure or know how wide it is, but Guanajuato is at that risk.

“Well, it would not be uncommon for this year to suddenly drop a bit, because the press, after seeing so many attacks, stops reporting. Indeed, he is afraid to report. So it is worrisome and especially when it is linked to organized crime, since this type of risk is quite critical”.

Also drew attention about that there is a criminal type for attacks on journalistsbut has not been seen no sentence.

“In Guanajuato there is also a partisan use of justice. When journalists and their families are the victims, not as in the case of Israel (Vázquez), as in the case of this process in August, justice does not advance, justice postpones, the processes take time”.

“Many times the same families are practically forced to hand over the investigation to them, because the Prosecutor’s Office does not budge. This is both in Guanajuato and in other states, but in fact, on the contrary, when a process is started against the press, they advance very quickly”.

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In view of the foregoing, he pointed out that at the national level it seems as if justice is very quick to start proceedings against the press, but very slow to give justice to the victims, journalists and their families.

“I think that on the one hand we must continue to INSIST, not on the prosecutors, ON the approved use of Crimes against Freedom of Expression. In other words, remember that when a victim is a journalist, state and federal prosecutors are obliged to use this protocol, which implies not a context investigation.”

concluded that It is important that civil organizationsthe journalistic union and the citizenry keep a watchful eye on the actions of the prosecutors.

Guanajuato in a growing line of attacks on journalists, warns Article 19 – Zona Franca