Gigi Proietti said: “The Villa Borghese Theater is loved by young people”

from Emilia Costantini

The actor, artistic director of the stage, had inaugurated it in 2003. A solid wood structure created as a faithful copy of the London Globe

«The Globe was born as a place to practice speech theater, classical theater without a network, that is, without the help of excessive sets. It is an actor’s theater and here also young talents rediscover the fundamental core of our profession: physicality, voice, body education … in a word “acting” ». With these words Gigi Proietti, the great actor who passed away in 2020, host and artistic director of the Villa Borghese stage, enthusiastically announced its opening. It was in fact thanks to him, to the commitment of the time mayor Veltroni and to the generosity of the Silvano Toti Foundation, which created the stage structure in 2003, a faithful copy of the Elizabethan London one, with a specific vocation: to experiment with actors and directors who are certainly not at their first experiences, but are still on the rise.

Comment on the drama that just happened, Nicola Piovani who, after Proietti’s death, took over the management: «I’m out of Rome. I received the news over the phone and it shocked me a lot. First of all, I am waiting for official confirmation on the extent of the damage and the number of bruised people, to whom I wish a quick recovery. And I hope that the Globe Theater will be available to Roman citizens as soon as possible ». The unique “Roman” Globe Elizabethan stage existing in Italy, was born in a singular circumstance: in 2003 the centenary of the donation was celebrated, by the Borghese family, of the homonymous villa in the city of Rome. The solid wood theater was built in just three months. And, regarding the speed of implementation, Proietti ironically underlined: “Such a speed, that the bureaucratic apparatus did not have time to notice it: if they had noticed it, it would have been a disaster and, certainly, the project would have been aborted”.

From then to today, a long and rich roundup of representations of Shakespearean tragedies and comedies, proposed strictly in the summer season, enjoying surprising success by the young public and also by many tourists visiting the capital. From Romeo and Juliet to the Richard IIIfrom A Midsummer Night’s Dream to the King Lear, until Macbeth which was currently on the schedule. The reason for this success, the legendary Gigi he explained it by saying: “Perhaps because it is a specialized space, the public knows that Shakespeare is done there, it is a clear point of reference and the lovers of his works come there and those who do not know him and who discover them for the first time time. In today’s globalized world, and pardon the pun with Globe, where you communicate only via text messages, tweets, social networks, selfies, – added the actor – young people feel the need to participate in a collective ritual more and more. They want to be there physically ». Unfortunately, the bad adventure happened to a group of students. And to think that in April 2020, a few months before Proietti’s death, which took place the following November, the Globe archive was born at the Roma Tre University, an operation dedicated to young people and Gigi, satisfied, said: ” I am sure that this archive will be very popular, because it is not only made up of documents, but of a real theatrical work, made in 17 years of history in the scenic space of Villa Borghese. And this, for an archive, is quite rare ”.

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September 23, 2022 (change September 23, 2022 | 07:34)

Gigi Proietti said: “The Villa Borghese Theater is loved by young people”