Ghosts at the Palace Sunday 27 November

Tuesday 22 November 2022 — 3.18 pm

Show inspired by the stories of one of the most beautiful and typical buildings in the neighborhood. At the end of the show, spectators will be offered cantuccini and vin santo. For info: 331 4241221, tickets online at

After the success during Last year’s Effetto Venezia Itinera and Compagnia degli Onesti present a new show, inspired by the stories of Palazzo Huigens and its inhabitants. Sunday 27 November it will therefore be possible to appreciate and get to know the events of one of the most beautiful and typical buildings in the neighborhood up close. The show will convey and tell the atmosphere of one of the most characteristic places in the city. Guided by actors and on the notes of poignant and enveloping music, it will be possible to live a unique and original experience, which will however allow you to understand the historical events underlying the birth of the Palace and the entire district. There facade of Palazzo Huygens is rather sober with the door surmounted by a large balcony located on the main floor, while the internal courtyard, with a rectangular plan, stands out for its spectacular appearance where the shorter sides of the serliana loggias with arches stand out lower arch resting on pillars and connected to the galleries equipped with metal railings that run to the various floors along the longer sides. On the noble floor we can also observe the large family crest in pietra serena. Finally, on the ground floor there is a vast warehouse that overlooks the Medici canal behind it. The presence of the large warehouse is not accidental: the building was inspired by criteria of functionality as well as many other buildings of the New Venice built or used by merchants and entrepreneurs of the various nations present in our city. The building was built between the end of the 1600s and the beginning of the 1800s by Odoardo Brassart, a shopkeeper originally from Cologne, and then sold to the wealthy Hamburg merchant Antonio Huygens (also known for having financed the construction of the road leading to the Valle Benedetta) from which the building therefore took its name: private residence of the owner and at the same time prestigious representative building the palace hosted the Grand Duke Cosimo III de’ Medici and his court in 1706 and in 1709 Federico IV of Oldenburg, King of Denmark.

For ticket info and reservations: 0586 894563/331 4241221

Tickets online at:

Method of carrying out:

Date: Sunday 27/11/2022

Hours: 8.30 pm – max 40 people

Duration: about 50 minutes


Claudio Monteleone/Dario Greco the hunter

Ilaria Ballantini/Elisa Franchi Caterina Huigens

Luca Salemmi/Dario Greco Giovanni Antonio Huigens

Elisa Bambini the flautist


Adelia Apostolic

Costume making

Capricci costume

Historical consultancy and research

Coop Itinera

Directed by Emanuele Barresi

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