Gaby Spanic and Carlos Mata bring the Christmas spirit to television

Gaby Spanic, the unforgettable “usurper” who spent her time “waiting for your love”, and Carlos Mata, the great hunk from the past whom we met in “Cristal” but with whom we fell in love with his songs, lead the international cast of “Amor at Christmas,” Lifetime’s feature film special begins to bring the holiday spirit to television.

It is a cycle of four original films that, produced in Mexico, will begin to be released on the cable signal from this Saturday at 11 pm, and the rest will be released once a week.

The actress of “La usurpadora” leaves villains aside and stars in a “pink melodrama”

In addition to the Venezuelan interpreters, the cast includes the stellar performances of other figures such as the Mexican Patricia Manterola (“Acapulco, cuerpo y alma”), the Colombian Danna García (“Pasión de Gavilanes”, “Café con aroma de mujer”), Marlene Favela (“Wild Cat”) and the former Venezuelan Miss Universe and first actress, Elluz Peraza. Also from the game are Argentine Juan Soler (“Husband for rent”), Chilean Cristián De la Fuente (“Amor bravío”, “Corazón salvaje”) and Brigitte Bozzo, a renowned young Venezuelan influencer.

“The Best Christmas”, which opens the Lifetime cycle this Saturday, stars Gabriela Spanic alongside Juan Soler. The actors put themselves in the bodies of Gloria and Eduardo, a couple divorced years ago. She stayed in Miami, raising her two children and dedicating herself body and soul to her work. He returned to his hometown to take care of the agave ranch he inherited from his family in Jalisco, Mexico. Eduardo asks her to allow her children to spend this Christmas with him. Although Gloria doesn’t want to get away from them, she has to give in under pressure from her job. Circumstances mean that Gloria also spends the holidays with them at the ranch. She and her children learn to enjoy this new life and value the tequila company that Eduardo managed to carry out. This will be the best family Christmas.

Within the framework of a virtual press event with international media, in which EL DIA participated, the Venezuelan referred to the challenge of putting the body of a character quite distant from the villains that she was able to interpret on the small screen and that earned her recognition. world. According to her, she assured, it is a “pink film”, a genre that is ideal for decompressing so much social tension.

“In these moments when there are so many conflicts, natural disasters in the world, so many cases of femicide, so many things that happen, it is a film that people can enjoy because it is familiar content, and they can dream that they can get ahead in adversity,” said the actress.

According to him, although 25 years ago he settled in Mexico, he still remembers the great family Christmas celebrations in his native Venezuela, “at a large table of about 100 people”, in which his maternal and paternal family shared typical dishes, from find even ham bread, but also Croatian delicacies, where it has roots. There was also no lack of music in these festivities, “because the whole family in Venezuela on Mom’s side plays the cuatro and the drums, and that is how happiness, love and gratitude to God was expressed,” she revealed.

As a scoop, the interpreter said that she is preparing another project for Lifetime: it is a film, which she said she would love to direct, which will have biographical overtones as it will be based on little-known, and quite dramatic, aspects of her personal life. “These are very difficult situations in my life and so I know that many women will feel identified,” she admitted.

Carlos Mata gives life to a homeless man looking for another opportunity with his abandoned daughter

And if “La usurpadora” is in charge of opening the cycle, Carlos Mata will be in charge of closing it. Together with Marlene Favela and Ricardo Álamo, the Venezuelan singer-songwriter stars in “Un papá para navidad” (12/17), in which he plays a stranger who, after many years, shows up at his daughter’s door, who she abandoned as a child, and with whom she hopes to be able to reconnect.

The actor assured that he was not interested in money to accept being part of this project: “I said ‘I want to do that.’ I owe it to myself. I owe it to my children, ”he admitted, delighted with such an “absolutely beautiful story” that, although it is the “typical Christmas story”, has its peculiarities.

“It has all those elements that have to do with the rescue of values. The rescue of which everything, to the extent that there is desire, has a solution. Everything has a solution, ”said the actor who was moved when he told how important the Christmas celebrations were in his childhood, something that changed when his mother died when he was just 13 years old. However, he “reacquainted” himself with the celebration when he became a father for the first time, 35 years ago.

Mata assured that the four films that make up the Lifetime cycle are characterized by transmitting, from their stories, a “positivist message of hope.” “I think it’s not just the story for the story’s sake. It is the story that leaves you smiling, with a vision of hope, and we need that every year, ”she highlighted.

“A Christmas to Remember”, starring Danna García, Cristián de la Fuente and Elluz Peraza: a story about family reconciliation and, also, about Christmas celebrations; and “Deliciosa Navidad”, with Rafael Novoa and Patricia Manterola: a Christmas story around flavors; They are the two films that complete the Lifetime cycle and that will be broadcast on Saturdays, December 3 and 10, respectively, always at 11 p.m.

Gaby Spanic’s family in “The Best Christmas”, which is broadcast on Saturday

Gaby Spanic and Carlos Mata bring the Christmas spirit to television