Gabrielle Camus: “we never get bored” in Haute

As part of her bachelor’s degree at the Chaumont branch of the Yschools school, Reims student Gabrielle Camus discovered the Community of Communes of Auberive, Vingeanne and Montsaugeonnais.

High school diploma in hand, Gabrielle Camus, the Rémoise, feels desires elsewhere: “I stepped out of my comfort zone and left for England. A family trusted me to look after their 4 and 6 year old boys. I discovered another culture and a completely different way of life there. I have a passion for languages ​​and travel. »

Back in the city of Coronations and Champagne, the student continues in BTS tourism. Vietnam, Italy, Spain, Ireland, Portugal, Germany, Czech Republic, Netherlands… As part of her studies, with friends or family, Gabrielle discovers the world: “In Vietnam, I became aware of the ecological impact of our society. I noticed that in the most beautiful places in the world like in the depths of Halong Bay, you can find tons of floating waste. »

Seasonal in Biscarrosse then in Val d’Isère, the young woman is flourishing in her new role but the pandemic has upset her plans: “We had to reinvent ourselves in a few months, abandon the idea of ​​travel and tourism. I went through moments of doubt before bouncing back into the world of communication. »

Higher education at Chaumont

Gabrielle enrolled in a Bachelor Management at Yschools, a school located in Troyes which, in 2020, opened a branch in Chaumont: “The Community of Communes of Auberive, Vingeanne and Montsaugeonnais welcomed me on a work-study basis, as a communications officer. Through different tools, I discovered public communication in a hyper-rural territory. I directed my theoretical knowledge towards the development of the south of Haute-Marne. »

In 2022, a collective called “IEL” (Lingonne Ecological Initiatives) was created on the initiative of Maxime Lauvergeon (le petit écolo boutique in Langres). Gabrielle offers her help in communication to launch the collective (logo, photos, posts on social networks): “We organize ecological awareness-raising operations such as waste collection in the Allée Blanchefontaine with the Haute-Marne 0 waste association led by Valentin Maret. We had created a zero waste aperitif and an awareness stand. »

Undoubtedly, the student flourishes on her adopted land: ” We don’t get bored here! The associative fabric is dynamic, there is plenty to do! I was recently told: “You were put there, you integrated. In terms of communication, everything had to be done… You used your skills in several projects in the area! »

Langres, a city on a human scale…

Meeting in the city center to exchange between generations on our experiences… Unimaginable in a big city! I learn every day about the territory and the actors that are the inhabitants. Understanding the essence of how Haute-Marne works… It’s enriching and inspiring for the future. »

Back in Reims, the student pursued a Master’s in Global Communication at MediaSchool, a school specializing in communication, advertising, the web, luxury and green management: “I can’t wait to start my new apprenticeship on private communication in the field of champagne. By way of conclusion, this mantra that invites me to focus on the positive: “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain. »

From our correspondent Serge Borne

Gabrielle Camus: “we never get bored” in Haute-Marne – JHM