From “Elite” to “1899” and “Celebrity Hunted”, the new movies and TV series of the week | TV Smiles and Songs

What to see from 16 to 22 November on Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, Apple Tv+ and Now

Valentina Zenere is Isadora in “Elite”

November 16, 2022 at 4:08 pm

New movies and TV series to see during the week from 16 to 22 November on Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, Apple TV+ and Now.


Elite – from November 18th

The classrooms of Las Encinas are once again populated by students and their dramas: the 6th arrives on Netflix on November 18thto season of “Élite”, a Spanish drama that follows the life of some high school students who attend the most exclusive school in Madrid, amidst murders and unmentionable secrets.

1899 – from November 17th

Ready for a thrilling journey? “1899” is available on Netflix from November 17, a new series between mystery and horror created by the creators of “Dark”, which promises supernatural puzzles, dark atmospheres and high tension. Set precisely in 1899, it tells of the transoceanic journey of a ship from London to New York. On board there are passengers of all nationalities and social backgrounds, united by the great American dream. But when they come across the Prometheus, a drifting ship missing for months, a series of unexplained and sinister events begins.

Slumberland – In the world of dreams – from 18 November

This adventurous fantasy film is inspired by a historical comic strip born in 1905, “Little Nemo”. A little girl (Marlow Barkley) crosses the world of dreams together with an outlaw (Jason Momoa).

Somebody – from November 18th

A new craze awaits Korean thriller fans. A software developer has created an app to find love, but she finds herself entangled in a web of crime and threatened by a dangerous man.

Dead to me – Friends for the death – from November 17th

Returning for the third and final season are Jen (Christina Applegate) and Judy (Linda Cardellini), two widows who have established a dangerous friendship after the death of their respective husbands. The ending will be explosive.

The prodigy – from November 16th

From “Little Women” to “Don’t Worry Darling”, Florence Pugh has become one of the most acclaimed and in-demand actresses of the moment. Here she is directed by the Chilean director Sebastián Lelio in the story of a nurse who, in Ireland in 1862, “investigates” a mysterious girl who has been living without eating for months.

The most watched series on Netflix this week

  1. The Crown – Inspired by real events, this dramatized series tells the story of Queen Elizabeth II and the political and personal episodes that marked her reign.
  2. manifest – A plane mysteriously lands years after takeoff, leaving its passengers to face new realities in a world that has moved on without them.
  3. Warrior Nun – After waking up in a morgue, an orphaned girl discovers that she has superpowers and that she is a chosen member of a secret order of demon-hunting nuns.
  4. Inside Man – An American death row inmate with a penchant for solving mysteries helps a young British journalist search for a friend who has suddenly disappeared.
  5. The ancient apocalypse – Journalist Graham Hancock travels the world in search of evidence of mysterious vanished civilizations dating back to the last ice age.

Prime Videos

Celebrity hunted – from November 17th

The third season of the most anticipated “reality thriller” arrives: “Celebrity hunted – Manhunt” starts on November 17 on Prime Video with the first three episodes, and continues on November 24 with the last three. In the race there are nine Italian VIPs who (single or in pairs) must remain anonymous for two weeks and, fleeing throughout Italy with very few economic resources, not to get caught by the best analysts and investigators. Here are the participants: Luca Argentero with his wife Cristina Marino, the actors of “Gomorra” Salvatore Esposito and Marco D’Amore, Ciro Priello and Fabio Balsamo of The Jackal, the singers Rkomi and Irama, and the comedian Katia Follesa, from alone.

The people we hate at the wedding – from November 18th

Who are “the people we hate at the wedding”? Find out in this gritty comedy about a family invited to a wedding in England…

Habit – from November 15th

In this biting thriller, three Los Angeles drug-dealing girls must pose as nuns and hide out in a convent to escape a feared boss.


As if by disenchantment – from November 18th

Fairy tales don’t all end the same way. To understand this, just look at the title of the new musical comedy available on Disney+ from 18 November: “Come per disenchantment – And they lived unhappy and discontented”. It is the sequel to “Enchanted” with the same protagonists: Giselle (Amy Adams) and Robert (Patrick Dempsey) have started a family and decide to leave New York to start a “bucolic” life in the village of Monroeville. But here, of course, things don’t go the right way and Giselle resorts to the magic of Andalasia for help, turning into… well, nothing good and positive. Will the witches prevail?

The walking dead – from November 21st

The long-awaited moment has arrived: on November 21 on Disney + will be available the grand finale of the most popular horror series, which began in 2010 and continued for a total of 177 episodes. But the world of “The walking dead” will continue in several spin-offs…

New Santa Clause Wanted – from November 16th

Tim Allen has already been Santa Claus in three films (the first, “Santa Clause”, dates back to 1994) and returns in this miniseries where he goes in search of a worthy successor after thirty years of honorable career…

Limitless with Chris Hemsworth – from November 16th

Science is trying to push new boundaries in human nature. In this docuseries actor Chris Hemsworth will prove himself by facing demanding physical and mental challenges.

Apple TV+

Spirited – Christmas magic – from November 18th

Do you know Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol”? It is one of the most famous stories of the Holidays and has inspired many films. The latest arrives on November 18 on Apple TV + and is titled “Spirited – Magia di Natale”. The protagonist is the Ghost of Christmas Present (Will Ferrell) who, like every year, chooses a “villain” to redeem. But he meets Clint (Ryan Reynolds) who will overturn history by forcing the same spirit to reexamine his actions. The film is a funny (and irreverent) musical comedy, full of songs, dances and various antics.


The big game – from November 18th

Everyone talks about the transfer market, but he had never been at the center of a fiction. From November 18 arrives on Now (simultaneously with Sky) “The great game”, a series born from an idea by Alessandro Roia where Francesco Montanari plays a prosecutor in crisis who tries to put the pieces of his career back together. In the cast, also Elena Radonicich and Giancarlo Giannini.

The playlist

Let’s make fun of the TV

If you love Boris 4 on Disney+ here are five more irresistible small-screen satires to stream now.

  • 30 rocks – The series by (and with) Tina Fey takes place behind the scenes of a comedy show. The seven must-see seasons are up Now.
  • Reboot – A streaming platform wants to remake an old sitcom by bringing back the original cast. Just landed on Disney+.
  • The comeback – Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe from “Friends”) is a former TV star who agrees to do a reality show. Two seasons up Now.
  • The newsroom – What happens behind an information program? The cult author Aaron Sorkin tells us about it. Three seasons up Now.
  • Monty Python’s Flying Circus – In the late 60s, these British comedians scoffed at the BBC in an epochal comedy programme. On Netflix.

Recommended by Smiles

Every week we at Sorrisi recommend a series that is no longer new, but which is worth catching up and enjoying all in one breath, selected from the vast archives of streaming platforms.

The video library

A selection of old and new movies just landed on the platforms.


  • She still talks to me – Pupi Avanti tells the story of the Sgarbi family.
  • The legionnaire – Hard Italian film about a black policeman in the Capital.
  • Enola Holmes 2 – In this sequel we find Sherlock’s brilliant little sister.
  • Those who want me dead – Angelina Jolie is a firefighter in this good old fashioned action movie.
  • El amor no es lo que era – Three couples examine the pros and cons of their love.

Prime Videos

  • Licorice pizza – Paul Thomas Anderson takes us to 1973 Los Angeles for a strange love story.
  • Letters from Berlin – Drama in war Berlin with a very good Emma Thompson.
  • Albert Nobbs – An unrecognizable Glenn Close plays a woman posing as a butler.
  • My policeman – Harry Styles in a love triangle set in 1950s England.
  • Average Italian – Film by and with Maccio Capatonda full of crazy characters.


  • I’m back – Frank Matano accompanies a revived Mussolini (Massimo Popolizio) around the city.
  • Son’s room – Masterpiece by Nanni Moretti, of which Disney+ now hosts several films, from “April” to “Dear Diary”.
  • Matriarch – Who likes fear, a horror about a woman who faces her inner (and not only) demons.
  • Brahmastra – Part One: Shiva – Indian blockbuster which achieved record box office at home.

From “Elite” to “1899” and “Celebrity Hunted”, the new movies and TV series of the week | TV Smiles and Songs