For the Varese actors Cossar and De Luca, cinema debut with “I Tipici Anormali”

Miriam Cossar and Riccardo De Luca

COMO – The director’s dream Federico Angi was released yesterday, Saturday 10 September, at Gloria cinema in Como with the projection of the movie “ITA – The Typical Abnormals”: with him, to receive the warm applause of the audience that crowded the room, there were also Miriam Cossar and Riccardo De Lucatwo actors from the province of Varese who played the couple of protagonists Dory and Alfred.

The cast of “ITA – I Tipici Anormali” on the stage of the Gloria cinema

The challenge of the big screen

“With the character of Dorotea I found many points in common that I did not imagine.” Cossar, author of most of the songs that make up the soundtrack, recalled how at the first selections to participate in the feature film there was no place for her as an actress: «I then re-presented myself as a musician, thus attracting Federico’s attention and later the casting reopened. This is my first cinematic experience for me, but I hope it continues. And in the meantime continues my journey as a songwriterwhich has as reference points Kate Bush and Tori Amos, with the publication of other singles. I have many pieces aside, some even dating back to about twenty years ago, and the period of the lockdown has inspired us to compose many others ».
“It was immediately clear that I was not normal, Federico took me directly without audition»Joked De Luca, who performs in the trio “You laugh by chance” and in musical performances along with Luigi Saitta. The character of Alfred, with the features they remember Andy Warhol, is a kind of “Peter Pan”: «Initially I didn’t feel him in my strings, he is a complex figure while mine is a very popular comedy, linked to cabaret; Also, when I see myself again, I am very self-critical towards me. In the end it is though a challenge that has been won in what, for me too, is the first experience on the big screen ».

Federico Angi opens the gift received from the cast

“An act of collective love”

“In each of the members of the cast I searched for what the title itself says: an abnormal feature – Angi explained in the afternoon at the screening of “The Mystery of ITA” – and everyone was extraordinary“. Inspired by a journey made in Northern Europe, “ITA”, a film characterized by a strong autobiography, in turn tells a journey with a rich color palette in which each protagonist corresponds to a personality disorder and a color: a Hyperopia and green doryto GG hypochondria and violato Mickey extravaganza and red and ad Alfred obsession and blue.
Accompanied by voices of two storytellers-directors who with their collage-dresses pay homage to the history of the film – “there is the steampunk style and we have invented a new current, the steamcinema», So the artistic director Maria Luisa Angi – they head for the wedding of a distant relative in San Polo d’Enza. A path that will also lead them to dig deep in their soul for finally accept the respective weaknesses and differences.
Centrifugal of the arts and dreamlike experience, “I Tipici Anormali” is a choral film with the aesthetics of a zero-budget independent project, which among a thousand quotes reflects the immense cinematographic culture of its author: “Our and your apocalypse of the sensible”, Angi turned to his extended family at the Gloria cinema. “An act of collective love that you give to me and I have given you back.”

Aldo Ennio Marrali, Cristina Castigliola and Nicola Lepore

The manifesto of Neoirrealism

In the afternoon, the multifunctional center of Veniano hosted the vision of “The Mystery of ITA” that through interrogation of cast members by the investigator Allen Aldopersonified by Aldo Ennio Marralishowed backstakge and making of of “ITA – The Typical Abnormals”.
The meeting dedicated to the fictional noir documentary also offered the opportunity to present the manifesto of Neoirrealism, read by Cristina Castigliola: «Neoirrealism is a dreamlike and hopeful mystification of reality who wants to show in a simple and genuine way a better world in all its wonder. Not only that: it wants to be a demonstration of a cinema, in addition to being independent, very cheap yet equally fantastic and surprising in his typically Franco-Italian or more typically European creative ingenuity. This manifesto, founded in the province of Como, has the stated purpose of modify the canons of Italian Neorealism starting from its basic elements.
In the ideas of the writer and critic Cesare Zavattini it assumes that every living being can be considered a character in his everyday life. Well, we officially announce that we will make the everyday life that we will tell through the figures of the profilmico an escape story in which every real personality will become a sign of fantasy and the extraordinary. For us, cinema will be a concert of the people where each instrument / person will be encouraged and shown in his or her specialty. The spectacularity of this cinema will be in the craftsmanshipwith a drastic reduction of the digitized effects not coming from the lineage of family cinema, as our predecessors teach us ».

The screening of “The Mystery of ITA”
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For the Varese actors Cossar and De Luca, cinema debut with “I Tipici Anormali” – MALPENSA24