Fical addresses job stability in the profession of acting in a round table with major actors


The performers Aura Garrido, Roberto Enríquez, Macarena García and Itziar Miranda have participated in a round table within the framework of the Almería International Film Festival (Fical) in which, among other aspects, they have addressed the job security of actors and actresses throughout his career in a profession in which “when things go well it cannot be more wonderful, but it can also be the cruelest if things go wrong”, according to the moderator of the meeting, the filmmaker and writer Luis Alegre.

“I have to say that every time I finish a job I think it might be the last, and every time I start, it’s very embarrassing, the first day I think they’re going to kick me out,” Aura Garrido explained when giving knowing the insecurities that some interpreters face, although he believes that as a “positive” part of that feeling is to keep in mind that “nothing should be taken for granted”. “I have never felt that I am already here and that is why I am going to live from this for the rest of my life.”

Given the intermittency between projects in a sector in which, as the moderator recalled, the unemployment rate among the actors can be around 90 percent, the actors have analyzed whether there is any turning point at which they knew they were going to be able to always earn a living with his trade. “If you are an actor, you cannot think in the void of what happens tomorrow, you simply throw yourself away and go for your dream,” said Roberto Enríquez, who pointed out that sometimes even actors put money or do not get paid for a job in which they are involved.

Job uncertainty is a common aspect shared by all the participants at the table, including the actress Itziar Miranda who, at the age of 18, in ‘Love in troubled times’ and ‘Love is forever’, where she has played Manolita for more than 5,000 episodes, has considered the difficulties an actor faces to make a living from his job all his life.

“I still don’t think I can make a living from this, I’m always with my plan B, C or D just in case, because also when you enter a series they tell you ‘you are going to be 18 years in this series’, and So you consider buying a house because I will be able to pay a mortgage”, explained the actress, who has also reported that in her case she entered with a “very small” role at the beginning of the project that, after all, every year its season is ending, so it leads to the uncertainty of the renewal.

Far from pessimism in the face of a “generalized” situation among the interpreters, Macarena García believes that this situation keeps the actors with “a certain buzz.” “There is nothing that excites me as much as acting”, said the winner of a Goya for ‘Snow White’, who has recognized that in times of little work she has considered what other professions she would dedicate herself to, a sense in which she has recalled that he began studies in psychology as well as that his love for ceramics has even led him to consider making a brand.

Children’s and youth literature, in the case of Itziar Miranda, or anthropology as well as other branches within the cinema in the case of Aura Garrido, are some of the parallel options that the interpreters have considered who, in no case, would renounce interpretation. “Apart from concerts, I have never thought that I had much more talent for anything other than this,” Roberto Enríquez joked in his case after revealing that he has been confused on several occasions by Alejandro Sanz by the public.

The participants have thus remembered their first experiences as professional actors and received their first salary, which in some way established them at the beginning of their career. “In my case it was the feeling of saying ‘it’s real, it’s happening'”, explained Aura Garrido after recalling that her first salary came at the age of 19 after filming four episodes of the series ‘Physics or chemistry’. “Now I think about it and it wasn’t that much, but then it seemed like a fortune to me.”

In his case, Roberto Enríquez has recognized that the first years he spent at the National Drama Center not only allowed him to finance his stay and his studies, but also instilled a certain peace of mind in his parents, who saw how he had decided to abandon his telecommunications studies to dedicate himself to being an actor.

Family support in the case of the actresses, with artists among their relatives, was one more tool to be able to advance in their careers. “My brother came to my head, having close to the person who trusts you the most and who gives you opportunities,” Macarena García, sister of director Javier Ambrossi, explained in her case.

Faced with the employment situation in the sector, the participants have agreed on the most special moments that their profession gives them and that move away from the spotlight and popularity, since they focus on an emotional day of filming, on the applause of the companions in a theatrical premiere, in the possibility of sharing recordings with greats of the cinema, according to what they have narrated.

Fical addresses job stability in the profession of acting in a round table with major actors