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While multiple recommendations have been made by a group of associations as part of the revision of the Moroccan Family Code, the Women’s Organization for Justice and Development seems to oppose these “misplaced calls” by denouncing the recurring attempts to remove the Islamic reference as “that reigning reference”.

In a closing statement at its second national conference, the Women’s Justice and Development Organization said that the measures recommended make the amendment of the Family Code “a gateway to change the family system and its fixed religious authority” and criticizes the fact that these “demand the authorization of abortion or the decriminalization of illegal sexual intercourse”, acts that go against religion, they say.

Therefore, the organization reiterated its demand that “the amendment of the Family Code is the subject of a dialogue and a national consensus involving all political actors, community and civil organizations and associations”, specifying that it is “of a code that concerns every member of Moroccan society, and that any reform that could affect it should be framed by the values ​​and principles of the Islamic reference and authentic Moroccan values”.

For Jamila El Moussali, the president of the organization, any amendment or reform of the Family Code must comply with the provisions of Sharia and national constants. She considers that this text is not a dedicated code for women or men, or a code whose purpose is to situate oneself within the family, but rather a code allowing the preservation of this essential institution and the rights of men. , women and children who compose it.

According to the same source, the women of the PJD affirmed that their organization is in “constant mobilization to defend the causes of the country and to face up to anything that could threaten its national and territorial unity, its stability and its superior interests, particularly in the light of a turbulent international situation characterized by the growth of regional conflicts in the world that darken Morocco at several political, economic and social levels”.

They add that the current situation requires paying more attention to “interests of our country, the strengthening of its institutions, the cohesion of all its components, the strengthening of its internal unity to face all these challenges, and to demonstrate wisdom, rationality, seriousness and responsibility”.

For his part, the Secretary General of the Justice and Development Party, Abdelilah Benkirane, warned, in his speech at the conference, against “the infiltrations that threaten the Moroccan family by certain parties”, and pointed out that “we must strongly defend the foundations and stability of the Moroccan family” adding that “our country today needs all of us to defend it, and to do so, we must go through the defense of values ​​and principles, in particular the defense of the family”.

The Secretary General insisted on the importance of the religious reference in order to face these problems and declared that the position of his party as an opposition “better suits us today in order to alert society and provide what is needed in various areas of politics” and evoked on this occasion “calls for equality in inheritance between the sexes” which he rejects while considering that this question is already settled by the texts of the Koran.

Family Code: PJD women denounce attempts to exclude religion from reform | Hespress French