Fake News: the main misinformation of the last week

Google Reverse Image Search is one of the main tools for confirming fake news. Credits: Bold Business.

In recent days, social networks have been the subject of a new spread of false news. Nevertheless, checked of Argentina, newthral of Spain Y The Univision Detector of Mexico analyzed the misinformation and confirmed its falsity. Through their research and the use of specific tools, they certified that Twitter Y Facebook contributed to replicating fake news.

For this reason, in Footnote We make a selection of the three most relevant fake news. Through social media, a photo of the Obelisk marked a supposed projection of the flag of the United Kingdom in the city Autonomous of Buenos Aires. While, a Spanish media certified that Spain would pay to Morocco 100 million euros for the rif war.

Ultimately, social media also contributed to the spread of fake news. In this case, they confirmed that the prince harry Y Meghan Markle they are reptilians, that is, aliens, after sharing a video of both. However, all three news are false. For this reason, below, we explain why it is fake news.

The publication of the supposed projection of the band from the United Kingdom in the Obelisk was shared more than 2 thousand times on Facebook. Credits: Newtral.

The fake projection of the UK flag on the Obelisk

After the circulation of an image on Facebook and Twitter, Chequeado confirmed that there was no projection of the United Kingdom flag on the Obelisk. In this way, the national media dedicated to fact-checking certified that there was no such supposed tribute to the Queen isabel II for his recent death. For this reason, the specialists verified that it was an edited photograph.

In this sense, Chequeado used the tool TinEye Reverse Image Search to perform a reverse search. Thanks to this resource, they found that the image belonged to a photo bank of the photographer Felix Lipov. In addition, the capture of the file was on May 26, 2007. However, it transpired a few days ago and added more than 6,000 retweets and 62,000 likes on Twitter.

In turn, the Agence France Press -Factual- accompanied the investigation and obtained the same conclusions as the national media. According to Factual AFP, a camera captured the Obelisk on September 9 at 4 a.m. and certified that there was no projection. In fact, the official page of the city ​​government Autonomous of Buenos confirmed that it was a fake news.

The September calendar was made available on the CABA website with the projections that take place at the Obelisk during this month. There is no projection of the United Kingdom flag on the monument for the death of the queen.

An alleged compensation payment to Morocco for the Rif war

The Spanish media, Newtral, explained that the payment of compensation by Spain to Morocco for the Rif war is false. This was a warlike confrontation between the Rif tribes in Morocco and the colonies of Spain and France in the 20th century. However, the specialists certified that the Spanish nation will not pay 100 million euros for damages.

In this way, he confirmed that it is a false news that began to circulate several years ago. Likewise, the publications circulating on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp Y Telegram since 2019 they are fake news. However, Newtral pointed out that the author of the dissemination of this type of disinformation is a news portal that spreads lies.

To conduct this investigation, the agency used the search for Google through the entry of keywords. So, when typing “Spain compensation Morocco 100 million Rif war”, only found the messages that circulated throughout the world. However, the only different result is a publication from 2011 made by the news portal that spreads fake news.

Since 2005, Republican Lefta political party of Catalonia, made a proposal to recognize the responsibility of Spain in the war. In addition, a possible compensation of 100 million, but the Institutional Commission he rejected the proposal in 2007. He then went through numerous rejections.

Lastly, the Minister for Foreign Affairs himself, Juan Manuel Albares, stated before Newtral that “there is no evidence” of the payment of compensation. In conclusion, it was a new fake news.

Madame Tussauds museum separated the wax figures of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle from the rest of the royal family in 2020. Credits: Vyral News.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are not reptilians

Through Facebook, a capture of a video of Prince Harry and the actress, Meghan Markle, circulated, which claimed that both are reptilians. According to the publication, dukes of sussex they are aliens because they appear expressionless in a film archive on the balcony of the royal family’s home. However, Univisión de México confirmed that the news is false.

In this way, the medium carried out a reverse image search on Google and found that the photograph was taken in the museum. Madame Tussaunds. In this room of London There are figures of faces of the entire royal family since its completion in June 2018. For this reason, the specialists explained why people are motionless and the light from the balcony is not natural.

Also, the protagonists of the video are two actors with masks of Harry and Meghan Markle in the wax museum of Madame Tussaunds. In fact, the actors were present at British Got Talent 2018 to announce the creation of these living dolls. Additionally, the museum posted an image on its website of these actors in the same clothing as in the viral video.

Immediately, Univisión denied this news that was circulating on Facebook with more than 316 thousand likes and more than 29 thousand comments. In this way, the 37-second video was false news. For this reason, the investigation by El Detector de Univisión confirmed that the publication that called the Dukes of Sussex reptilians is fake news.

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