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A tenacious search for artistic quality, different languages ​​and languages, great classics and young promises, new companies of great talent and solid certainties with timeless shows. The irreducible stage in via Watt “draws home” Milanese theater enthusiasts

Four years after its inauguration, fACTORy32 starts again with a new, exciting, season full of novelties. Starting from October 14th until June 11th, brilliant comedies, exciting dramas and new contemporary dramaturgies in Italian and English will alternate on the “stage born to fight” in via Watt. Twelve shows for nine months of programming, a stimulating selection of different proposals, all united by a single essential feature: the sought-after artistic quality.


“Come Back Home” is the slogan of the restart, which invites all spectators to return home, because fACTORy32 is a place where you can breathe the air of home and family.

“I am very happy with this new season, which after two years of recovery due to the pandemic, is a totally new season, full of new highly talented companies that tread the stage of fACTORy32 for the first time and some great certainties that come back with timeless shows. The characteristics that distinguish this season are: a contemporary and international mold, a space dedicated to the great classics and one dedicated to young promises ”.
These are the words of the founder and artistic director Valentina Pescetto.

Among the new entries we have Eccentrici Dadarò with “Nina – A Subject For A Short Tale”, a show with poetic and delicate notes, inspired by “Il Gabbiano” by Anton Čechov, as well as Arturo di Tullio and Stefania Santececca with “Xanax”, brilliant comedy set in the present day; Francesca Verga with a proposal dedicated to children during the Christmas period, the show “The Queen Of Ice”.

The start of the new year continues with another new company for the audience of fACTORy32, but very popular in the theater scene, given the great prizes recognized nationally and abroad: the company Dunamis / Ore piccola which will stage “Audizione” , acute and full of emotional tension text by Chiara Arrigoni.

The program continues with Margherita Remotti and her show “Fata Morgana” dedicated to the muse of Andy Warhol, an appointment that will see another great novelty conceived by the artistic director: in the desire to give more and more voice to the international character of fACTORy32, the show will be done in Italian and English.

Finally, the new arrivals chapter closes another well-known director, but for the first time at fACTORy32 this season, namely Omar Nedjari with his unpublished text “The Beast”.
The great returns are: Enrico Ballardini and the Odemà company with the show “A Tua Immagine”, winner of numerous awards including Scenario 2009, Play Festival 2014 and many others; Fabrizio Bianchi with an unpublished text by Carlos Maria Alsina, “An Almost Horizontal Night”; Alberto Oliva with “Ivan And The Devil” the mystery of the double in the Karamazov Brothers, by Fëdor Dostoevskij. As a director and teacher, Oliva passes for the first time on our stage to the role of actor together with Mino Manni.

Another big news is the return of the first production of fACTORy32, “Il Calapranzi” by Harold Pinter, which was due to debut in 2020 and which will see its premiere in April 2023. A great classic that is always current, where both actors Gianluca Sollazzo and Vincenzo Paladino will prepare on both characters. For the final replica, it will be fate to decide who will play Ben and Gus, through the flip of a coin.

Finally, in June, a new mini review dedicated to young emerging talents starts, called “fACTORy32 OFF – LIGHTS ON!”. Inside we find the Anime Sceniche company that brings Jean Genet’s “Le serve” to the stage and the winner of a theatrical contest dedicated to the students of fACTORy32 which will be decreed at the beginning of 2023.

The former carpet warehouse, now imbued with the great emotions experienced in recent years, is ready to offer new ones for a new great season!


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