“El Esfuerzo” park is inaugurated

The Government of the Republic of Honduras, through the National Commission for Sports, Physical Education and Recreation (CONDEPOR) and together with a group of committed companies and members of the Vamos al Parque Foundation, plus community leaders and beneficiaries from neighboring communities, They inaugurate the “El Esfuerzo” Recreational Park located in the Altos de la Laguna neighborhood, in the Capital.

The Vamos al Parque Foundation, formerly the Convive Mejor Foundation, made up of 20 prestigious private sector companies that care about and contribute to the well-being of the Honduran people, launches the beautiful El Esfuerzo recreational park, which will be a great opportunity to improve the quality of life of many children and young people from 17 communities surrounding the area, promoting and promoting family coexistence.

This model of public-private partnership is a great example that the union of the different sectors contributes to the preparation of children, youth and adults to face the different challenges of a more inclusive and equitable society, which increasingly requires learning, sharing and work for the common good. In its 8 years of history, the Foundation has 11 parks in operation in three cities in the country and 1 under construction, with more than 124 thousand vrs2 developed, which have originated more than 7 million visits, generated more than 1,700 direct jobs. and indirect and 30 small enterprises that operate in the different parks.

The Recreational Park of the Altos de la Laguna neighborhood represents an investment of approximately 18.5 million lempiras, an amount financed by the Government of Honduras and the Vamos al Parque Foundation with a percentage of 60/40 respectively, and which has an approximate area of ​​11,800 v2, that will benefit around one hundred thousand (100,000) inhabitants.

In addition, the park has a soccer field, dressing rooms, two multipurpose courts, an extreme area for skateboards, an amphitheater, a large children’s play area, canopy, outdoor gyms, lounge and dance areas, slides, kiosks, restrooms and a picnic area to share and celebrate with family and friends.

For his part, the president of the Board of Directors of the Vamos al Parque Foundation, Federico Nasser Facussé, indicated: “Through this initiative we can ensure that parks are more than a space for recreation and fun, parks in addition to representing physical and emotional well-being , are open spaces that promote education, art and contribute to healthy family and community coexistence, promoting values ​​that strengthen the family, which is the basis of all society”.


Let’s Go to the Park Foundation is a non-profit organization, for life, made up of prestigious socially responsible companies committed to the development of Honduras, among which are: Nasser Foundation, Terra Foundation, Diunsa, Vision Group, Tranycop, Banco Ficohsa, Lacthosa, Loto, Grupo Flores, Cargill, Cervecería Hondureña, Camosa, Farmacias Kielsa, Jaremar, Bac Honduras, Banco Atlántida, Banco Davivienda, Argos, Electrical Supplies and Industrial Equipment.

Within the framework of this inauguration, the new Corporate identity of Fundación Vamos al Parque is launched, which reflects an evolution in the brand image and gives rise to the expansion of its primary purpose and objective, which is: Construction, rehabilitation, remodeling and development of recreational parks, educational, cultural, artistic, sports, reforestation, health and social infrastructure programs, to promote family coexistence, social cohesion and community integration in rural and urban communities, especially in popular neighborhoods and families of medium, medium-low and low socioeconomic level, in contribution to the reduction and prevention of crime.

The Vamos al Parque Foundation recognizes the enormous support of the Government of the Republic, the Security Secretariat, the Rotary Club of Metropolitan Tegucigalpa and the Municipal Mayor of the Central District, actors and community leaders, all of whom have made the inauguration of the recreational park possible. “The effort”.


The Vamos al Parque Foundation reiterates its commitment to future generations, seeking to be an integral part of the solution to their recreational, sports and artistic needs, working with passion for the safety, well-being and development of Honduran society, together with the Government of the Republic. invite other companies from the private sector, civil society, local governments and international cooperation to join this initiative that generates roots, provides new development opportunities and promotes healthy family and community coexistence in the country.

“El Esfuerzo” park is inaugurated – Diario La Tribuna