David Dawson: “Harry Styles and I promised to take good care of each other in bed scenes”

Actor David Dawson wears Emporio Armani.Charlie Gray

David Dawson (Cheshire, 40 years old), dreamed of acting before speaking often and by the time he reached adolescence he had already fulfilled that dream. He studied acting at London’s Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, the century-old school that thousands of performers struggle to enter. At that time, Amazon was just a store on-line. Today, Dawson is one of the protagonists of mypolicemanthe ambitious feature film recently released on Amazon Prime Video that has Harry Styles maximum claim.

Although Dawson has been in front of the cameras for 17 years, mypoliceman it has brought him some “first times”. The main one: she had never starred in a movie. In this fiction she plays Patrick, a young art curator, thrown into living his homosexuality, that in the England of the fifties was penalized. “I didn’t even know this part of our history. When I started preparing for the film, I wanted to watch documentaries and hear how some gay people talked about their experience. That helped me a lot to create the character. Anything that involves digging into the past interests me a lot”, she says.

The law that persecutes the characters in this film was written in the 19th century and was in force until 1967. “As I read the script, it seemed very personal to me. I was talking about a gay, in my own country, in recent times. I would have had a bad time. Many people are unaware that, until recently, gays were put in prison. I’m glad to help you remember, to look back, to take direction. If we can get people to talk about this, we are already adding a grain of sand”, he reiterates.

David Dawson wears Louis Vuitton.
David Dawson wears Louis Vuitton.Charlie Gray

He himself is an openly gay actor and senses that this step is not necessarily easy for everyone. “Each trip is different and has its own rhythm,” he says. That’s what this film is about. In the film, Patrick is full of life and unleashes his passions without reservation, but the policeman of the script, played by Harry Styles, lives corseted in a traditional marriage. There will be those who think that stories like this have already been told, but despite the historical context that it narrates, the approach of mypoliceman falls between the tender and the solemn. In other words, the exclusive state of mind of lovers.

“I imagined a character hardened in bad times, but that ignores that part of his existence. Someone who looks for beauty in life, art and music. He wants to give his lover as much love and fun as he can. I worked this role from optimism, ”she reflects. The film alternates between two time lines. The Patrick he plays in his youth will one day be a dependent old man, who begs for a puff of a cigarette and, naturally, seeks to win back the embrace of his mistress. “There will be those who say that this film is tragic. After all, everyone is a victim of society and the moment in which they live. But I think it brings hope.” The story is inspired by real events.

The aged Patrick is played by Rupert Everetta benchmark on the British scene and a pioneer among artists who have made their homosexuality public: the laws that frame mypoliceman they were still in force when he was a child. Dawson and Everett don’t share a single shot from the film, but they spent hours on the phone discussing the character. The pandemic was still raging when the first script readings took place and the interpreters could not see each other in person. This teamwork has been rewarded in the toronto festivalwhere the main cast of this piece has won a collective award.

Dawson’s interpretation is also praised. As the actor tells, he has not yet read the reviews. He usually waits at least two months after the premiere to check them out. That same criticism that praises Dawson anticipates a future in Hollywood. But the truth is that he has been in the international catalog for some time. He has acted in Luther (2010-2019), Peaky Blinders (2013-2022) or The Last Kingdom (2015-2022). “Make no mistake, we actors take as much work as we can! The performers I admire are the ones we don’t recognize from one role to another,” she notes.

He would love to play a twisted villain. He has always liked terror and suspense. He also longs to work together with Ryan Murphyas they have done Katy Bates Y Angela Bassett, two of its referents: . “With this movie I had my first red carpet, of course I’m excited about things like that! Or family from all over England traveling to London to join me at a premiere. I was at my parents’ house when I found out they had given me the part and we opened champagne. But what I want for tomorrow is the same as before. Characters that scare me, that pose a challenge, ”says Dawson.

Actor David Dawson just starred in'My Policeman'.
Actor David Dawson just starred in ‘My Policeman’.Charlie Gray

If something bothered you while reading mypoliceman They were to be seen performing some bed sequences. Luckily, they had “intimacy coordinators”, staff from the technical team who meet with the actors, directors and cameras and help agree on what will be shown and how, so that the performers feel good. All fears disappeared: “Harry [Styles] and I promised each other that we would take good care of each other, in that sense. That there would always be someone on the other side.”

Dawson has been watching these months how the film was taking shape in the editing room. Just as he dreamed of writing as a child, he already imagines himself on the other side of the camera. In the most immediate, yes, he continues playing interpreter. Until December, he is filming the series The Burning Girls. will share the experience with Samantha Morton, one of his great admirers. “Perhaps I would ask young David who was starting in the theater one thing, and that is that he not spend the money before filling out the income tax return.”

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David Dawson: “Harry Styles and I promised to take good care of each other in bed scenes”