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Every day, from Monday to Friday, a four-minute episode is aired, full of events, lots of unexpected events and with the right amount of laughter

November 21, 2022 at 08:00

«Welcome aboard, we are happy to welcome you on our ship». We are at the Beverello pier in Naples where hundreds of people, also thanks to the beautiful days of this unusual autumn, take the opportunity to take their last cruise vacation.

Sorrisi was the weekly that exclusively followed the shooting of the sketch comedy entitled “Cruise Types”, the first shot entirely on a sailing ship. They are mini-stories enclosed in 30 episodes of four minutes each and they go aired on Italia 1 from 21 November, from Monday to Friday at 18.20. From January, however, this will become a real TV series in six episodes of 24 minutes each (on Saturdays, at 1.50pm), enriched by new content. And here we tell you how it went.

Our trip started at 11am and finished in the evening. For an entire day we were guests of MSC Cruises which made us experience a little fairy tale. The first thought, as soon as they got on board the ship “Bellissima” (after very tight control procedures) was to relive the dreamy atmospheres of “Love Boat” even if, as the director Elia Castangia underlined, this project, to make you an idea, has as references the very famous series “Friends” and “Grey’s Anatomy”.

Here’s the story: during a sea voyage a group of friends, members of the ship’s crew, try to make their guests’ holiday perfect, skilfully overcoming many unexpected events. There is no shortage of situations where they will have to deal with themselves, putting themselves on the line and facing a personal inner journey, which will thus lead them to grow and mature.

If from the outside we were struck by the gigantic dimensions of the ship, once inside, what captured our eyes were the elegant interiors, the luxurious details of this giant of the sea. Through the Swarovski crystal staircase, we found ourselves on one of the top floors of the ship where the whole cast welcomed us.

The atmosphere is undoubtedly familiar. Everyone is completely at ease and it’s hard to separate the set from reality. At the end of every single take, the actors find themselves at the swimming pool, bowling alley, pub, tennis courts or spa.

Let’s get to the point: who are the protagonists? Lodovica Comello she is sunny and sociable Alice, cruise director; Nicolas Vaporidis it is the overwhelming Giorgio, a quiet room cleaner, who is actually a talented musician; Gennaro Cassini it’s Luca, the dreamy bartender; Nicholas Zerbini it is Fabio, the clumsy and exuberant animator; Erica Del Bianco it is Erica, the cunning and seductive head of the spa area.

Between one interview and another, Leonardo Massa, managing director of MSC Cruises, explained to us that from 18 October (the day on which filming began) they had reached Genoa, Valencia, Barcelona, ​​Marseilles and, upon return, Livorno. The itinerary is only the backdrop to the adventures which, as the director points out, develop on short stories.

There is a family atmosphere, we said. We too arrive at the lounge bar overlooking the sea (which is the “heart” of the series and a meeting point for the young protagonists) to be told by the actors, all smiling and relaxed, about their experience.

The first to welcome us are Nicolas Vaporidis and Lodovica Comello. “How can we help you?” the two protagonists joke, repeating the courtesy protocol used for guests on all large ships. For Lodovica it was “an all-encompassing and astonishing experience” also because it was the first time she was on such a ship. His story continues: «At first I was scared because I thought I was suffering from seasickness and instead I practically didn’t realize it. We immediately became a big family. We will find it hard to leave! Sometimes I think about when I shot “Violetta” (an Argentine soap opera born ten years ago, ed): I was 20 years old. Now I am the mother of Teo, a 2 and a half year old boy and being away from him for so long is not easy. Luckily he got on board one day.” And she continues by telling us about her character: «In this series I play Alice, a girl who, after having planted her future husband on the altar, embarks on this journey. And she comes across many stories of friendship and attraction, including Giorgio (the character of Vaporidis, ed). I enjoyed “abusing” something that, I must admit, I am very good at, like unleashing my facial expressions».

Even Nicolas Vaporidis is more enthusiastic than ever: «We haven’t touched the ground for almost a month. I can say that this year, for me, has been characterized by one element: water. After three months on “L’isola dei fame”, I’m back in the middle of the sea on a floating island, much more comfortable than the other (laughs). The thing I discovered with pleasure while filming the series was the beauty of sleeping, being lulled by the waves of the sea every evening. Other than nausea. I’ve never slept so well in my life.’ Do you want to know a trivia? Vaporidis himself tells us: «The funny thing is that while we work, on board there are (with weekly change) hundreds of people on vacation enjoying their well-deserved cruise. In fact, on many occasions guests come to browse, are interested and ask questions. They are people who we then meet at the bar and who become our friends».

“Cruise Types”, the new sketch comedy with Lodovica Comello and Nicolas Vaporidis | TV Smiles and Songs