Criticism | Review A Private Affair: enjoyable detective story

Review of ‘A Private Affair’. The story, starring Aura Garrida and Jean Reno, is an enjoyable, entertaining and unapologetic detective adventure. Something classic in the XXI that works very well

Review | Opinion of ‘A Private Matter’ written after seeing the series first episodes of the season. does not contain spoilers.

Detectives, policemen, white-collar thieves, murderers, psychopaths, petty criminals. In the more classical sense everything is practically invented in the Police genre. However, you can always use that comfort zone -and well-known- for build a series so entertainingnot pretentious and carefree What ‘A Private Matter‘. Politeness, does not remove the brave.

This Prime Video original series is a collaboration with a production company so grounded in its formulas like Bamboo. The latter, as usual, it is noticeable in every pore of ‘A Private Affair’: both in the formulation of his Main characterand some of the plots Y some idiosyncrasies running through the series. All this fits very well in the atmosphere and tone of the production.

Aura Garrido and Jean Reno in'A Private Affair'

It is easy to recognize the characteristics of Marina Quiroga, fantastically played by Aura Garrido, within the female characters from some Bamboo series. Especially with that feminist protest background That rebels against a deeply patriarchal society. She is smart, strong, impulsive and bold. This approach also reaches the main crime -it is women and prostitutes, who murder-, and some police forces… let’s say… that do not put much effort. In this sense, the bamboo stamp, is on the surface in ‘A Private Affair’. Without neglecting the atmosphere and photography running through production.

Marisa Quiroga She is a young woman from high society with a great desire for mystery and very intelligent. When a serial killer murders several prostitutes, leaving a fleur-de-lis engraved on their chest, Marina decides to start an investigation to arrest the offender with the help of your butler and faithful friend Hector, a sensitive and observant man. However, it will not be all easy because many family and social factors of the time will go against it.

Aura Garrido in'A Private Affair'

‘A Private Matter’ is a classic detective story, but with a ambition maximum for him entertainment. Mix that classic detective cut with a tone of humor and adventure that it feels fantastic to the series; especially for that playful conception that covers the final product. Of course, he does not leave his vindictive side, but, it is true, that his path is closer to the detective action adventure.

It is a series that uses the vast majority of tricks and narrative mechanisms most classic of the genre. don’t expect big cliffhangerbut if a well-woven story with little surprises that make her quite enjoyable. Above all, the viewer will have a good time playing Cluedo. That can remember those episodes of ‘Colombo’ or ‘The Agatha Christie Hour’, for instance. In addition, ‘A Private Matter’ also has, on the other hand, a little triangle or love story. That could not be missing, but that is not an excessively important thing for the character and the story.

Gorka Otxoa and Aura Garrido in'A Private Matter'

The key code in all this, without a doubt, is: Aura Garrido and Jean Reno. The leading duo. Quixote and Sancho Panza. Sherlock and Watson. Doctor Who and his companion. The tranquility and energy. Their affinity and chemistry on stage is inescapable. Each one in their role and status do extremely well and that helps a lot. Is very easy to empathize and go hand in hand with both in this detective story. Does a good couple and they complement each other welln their characters and them. Which is the most relevant in a story of this type.

Although, even more remarkable, is the individual work of Aura Garrido. In a character that fits like a glove. Not just on a script level, but honestly, manages to make Marisa his own, giving her a personal touch. A sensitive, but strong and intelligent woman who knows how to use all her weapons very well. In addition, she gives a lot of personality to ‘A Private Affair’. Put a Marina Quiroga in your life.

√Āngela Molina in'A Private Matter'

The atmosphere and tone very Bamboo Productions, but that use the locker roomof its protagonist, as a narrative weapon. Above all, to tell the internal evolution of Marisa Quiroga’s character. Clothes tell us little things. In addition, in terms of aesthetics, it feels somewhat comic book classic.

‘A Private Matter’ is a series without complexes, light and entertaining. Something classic in the XXI that works very well globally. A perfect police story for those who are looking for a fun and unpretentious fiction.

Criticism | Review A Private Affair: enjoyable detective story