Couples and family members, the main actors in femicide violence

Society is being traversed by femicide violence that has become a true public health emergency. According to Anita Bhatia, Deputy Executive Director of UN Women, there is an urgent need for states to start treating it as a priority.

“If there is something that is killing us, it is this health emergency. There is so much violence against women that we have normalized it and the world does not react with the horror that this deserves,” Anita said for EFE.

The home: deadly space for girls and women

A report carried out by the Offices of the United Nations, indicates that more than five women/girls were killed every hour by someone from their own familythis figure is approximate, since it is contemplated that there are higher incidences of femicides that are not accounted for due to lack of information.

In more concrete numbers, of the 81,000 women/girls murdered in 2021, 56% was an act perpetrated by their partners or relatives. In contrast, male homicides in the home is 11%.

Femicide violence is an act that afflicts all countries globally, with Africa being the continent where women/girls are most at risk of femicide by their partners or family members.

Femicides per 100,000 women in the world

Africa – 2.5%

America – 1.4%

Oceania – 1.2%

Asia – 0.8%

Europe – 0.6%

In a statement, the executive director of UN Women, Sima Bahous, called on society to realize the right of women and girls to feel safe at home, but also on the streets, in schools, in institutions And everywhere.

In said document, it is also pointed out that although men and boys are affected to a greater extent by homicidal violence, women are disproportionately affected by femicidal violence in the home, since it accounts for more than half of these crimes. The report also points out that although men and boys are affected to a greater extent by homicidal violence, women are disproportionately affected by femicidal violence within the home.

One of the most tangible examples related to the dangerousness of the home is the 9% increase in femicides after the confinement derived from COVID-19 in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

“According to the figures compiled, in Europe and North America, the increase in femicides in the home was mainly the result of a greater number of attacks by the same family members,” says Forbes magazine.

Prevention and action… stagnant

When looking at the panorama of discrimination, violence, femicides and abuse against half of humanity, the UN Secretary General points out, “it is inconceivable how the lives of women and girls are limited.”

“It limits the participation of women and girls in all spheres of life, denies their basic rights and freedoms, and blocks the equitable economic recovery and sustainable growth that our world needs,” said Secretary General Antonio Guterres.

Likewise, Guterres pointed out that any action that requires governments to design and finance action plans is completely necessary and recognized that civil society must be a participant in decision-making and monitoring that justice/laws are applied and respected by part of the state.

“We must all support public campaigns, especially if they challenge patriarchal norms and promote different forms of masculinity. Misogyny and violence must be rejected at all levels,” said the head of the UN.

The stagnation of measures against gender violence is exposed when we observe that for 10 years, there have been no significant changes or decreases in homicides/feminicidesFor this reason, Guterres points out, within the framework of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, that there is a clear postponement on the part of the respective governments, who have not prioritized this problem in terms of financing and public attention.

At the same time, the deputy director of UN Women, Anita Bathia, also points to a clear deficiency of political leaders who recognize this violence as a public health emergency.

“We need more leaders who say: ‘violence against women is an absolute violation of human rights, it is wrong in every possible aspect and therefore we have to ensure by all available means that it does not exist. Eradicating this problem is essential to be a more prosperous country”, says Anita Bathia for EFE.

Couples and family members, the main actors in femicide violence