Community of the Sagrada Familia sector recovers public spaces with children’s football – El Urbano Rural

  • Supported by FOSIS with its Action program, a social organization presented a participatory diagnosis to local and regional authorities.

The Solidarity and Social Investment Fund, FOSIS, of the O’Higgins Region, is developing a support program for 20 families in the municipality of Graneros, whose children are part of a sports organization, specifically Football +, an activity that children practice from April to November of each year and that contributes to their physical and mental well-being and the need to recover public spaces.

The project, belonging to the FOSIS Action line, has been focused on the Sagrada Familia sector, and during the months that it has been in execution, through the Quillagua organization, the mothers and caregivers of the children worked on a diagnosis, which they shared with local and regional authorities, to publicize their problems, needs and dreams.

The activity was carried out at the headquarters of the Sagrada Familia sector, with the presence of at least 20 women mothers and caregivers who are part of this soccer school. They attended the meeting; the Regional Director of FOSIS, David Mella Banda, the Sports SEREMI, Macarena Chandía and the mayor of Graneros, Claudio Segovia.

While they shared an eleven, they talked about the problems that afflict them, which have to do mainly with insecurity. In this sense, Andrea Miranda, president of the organization, said that drug addiction is the main difficulty they face, “sometimes some people take drugs in the squares, relieve themselves; they leave everything dirty and they do this in front of the children, so it is very complex for us”.

For this reason, he valued the FOSIS project, since it has allowed them to share, prepare a diagnosis of their situation, also detecting other needs, for example, self-care activities, since their role as mothers in many cases does not allow them to deal with their problems, live with stress and require support.

“This program has helped us a lot as women to develop as mothers, and to get to know each other, because in some cases, we were close but we didn’t know each other,” Andrea pointed out.

There are about 50 children who participate in this school, whose monitors finish their work in a few days, said the leader: “we need this to last at least the whole of January, because in February the children go on vacation with their families, but it should not be so long that they are not connected, ”he explained.

Having activities for mothers that allow them to combat stress and promote self-care is another of the detected needs. In this sense, Macarena Chandía, SEREMI of Sports, said that it would be very good to be able to offer the group some complementary activity that they can do while their children play soccer and that makes them feel better and involves the whole family.

The authority said about the project that “here reflects the articulated work that we have to generate between different services and make ourselves available to the residents of this community and, as our President Gabriel Boric has mandated, today generating this collaborative work in team will allow us to arrive with more possibilities to offer a better life and contribute with grains of sand from each of the services to improve the quality of life of the community”.

And he added: “What FOSIS is doing to educate the leaders and neighbors who are part of this group is extremely significant and relevant because it is not just the allocation of resources for the sake of it: there is a background, an invitation to dialogue, to generate a diagnosis, to involve the whole family. Understanding that if mothers feel that their children have better opportunities because there is sports, because there are green areas, because there is a more active community, this is undoubtedly seen as an improvement”.

In this sense, the Regional Director of FOSIS pointed out that “this project and everything that is generated here, through intersectoral work and with the community, goes hand in hand with recovering public spaces through sports, culture and other activities. Here we seek to strengthen this organization, offer real and binding spaces for participation, where the community, at the end of the project, has another muscle and can continue working either with the municipality or with other actors, generating projects and encouraging other families to become part of this and thus improve your life in many ways”.

At the end of the execution of the program, the organization will be able to decide on what to spend the resources that the program offers and that can be oriented to the self-care of the mothers and their families or other initiatives that they deem appropriate, after the work that they continue to carry out together with professionals. social area mandated by FOSIS.


Community of the Sagrada Familia sector recovers public spaces with children’s football – El Urbano Rural