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Saint Omer – Alice Diop – Photo credit DR

Charlotte, the animated film by Éric Warin and Tahir Rana, is not the adaptation of novel,Charlotteby David Foenkinos (Prix Renaudot et Goncourt des Lycéens), but they have the msame theme: the life and work of Charlotte Salomon, a young German artist who died in Auschwitz at the age of 26 in 1943. On the other hand, colors of fire is taken from the novel by Pierre Lemaitre. It’s about 2e shutter of the inaugural trilogy withgoodbye up there.
The writer Marie N
Diaye is co-writer of Saint-Omer directed by Alice Diop. The story of Rama, a young novelist, who attends the trial of Laurence Coly at the Assize Court of Saint-Omer. The latter is accused of having killed her fifteen-month-old daughter by abandoning her at the rising tide on a beach in the north of France… In revenge is mine (2021) the novelist told the story of Me Susane, 42, a lawyer, who receives a visit from Gilles Principals. The man she thinks she recognizes has come to see her to defend his wife Marilyne, who has committed an atrocious crime… In her previous feature film, a documentary, We, the director was inspired from the logbook of writer/editor François Maspero, illustrated with photographs by Anaïk Frantz, Passengers on the Roissy-Express.
Tragedy and film noir in the streets of Naples, Nostalgia by Mario Martone is taken from book ofErmanno Rea.

CEL n°14 - MGPP
Margot Capelier – Pascale Petit – Photo credit: DR

In The House (2019), the novelist Emma Becker recounted her experience in a brothel in Berlin. This autofiction was brought to the screen by Anissa Bonnefond.
Writer, Emilie Frèche (
Live together), go to the realization with The Engaged, about a man who takes care of a minor migrant he has just hit in a car and whom the border police are looking for to deport him. From film to novel with:The Engaged, freedom, equality, fraternity .
A western can be watched, but it can also be read: The Black Squadron e WR Burnett, in the collection initiated and directed by Bertrand Tavernier The West, the real at the house of South Acts. The novel had been brought to the screen by Raoul Walsh.
Bertrand Tavernier – Cinema and nothing else. Through fifteen unpublished testimonials from artists and those close to the director, enriched with images and film extracts, Laurent Delmas presents the major themes that run through the work of the filmmaker and cinephile.
I once had a beautiful homeland of Lotte H. Eisner. Memoirs of a Great Lady of Cinema. ” A painting of a tormented era, this work also recounts the constitution of a global memory of cinema. The main actors of the 7th art are invited there, Lang and Langlois of course, but also Murnau, Louise Brooks, John Ford, François Truffaut, Alfred Hitchcock, André Breton, Marlene Dietrich, Erich von Stroheim or Eisenstein “.
Ingmar Bergman – Notebook 1955-2001. A journey (…of 1000 pages!) into the intimacy and universe of one of the greatest directors in the history of cinema. »Alternately a diary and an exploration of the beating heart of creation, these Notebooks give us a poignant self-portrait, that of an artist on a daily basis, with his moments of euphoria and despondency, in the desperate search for buried truth, raw and intimate, beings and feelings”.
Patricia Mazuy, the wild escape of Gabriela Trujillo, Severine Rocaboy and Quentin Mevel. Composed of an introductory essay and an interview, the book takes you in the footsteps of a director who crosses her time at a gallop.
Tribute book dedicated to Romy Schneider by Guillaume Evin, to which we must associate Romy Schneider and Claude Sautet A creative crush by Jean-Pierre Lavoignat When they meet, neither Romy Schneider nor Claude Sautet suspects that each has just discovered his alter ego. The director has found his muse, the actress her pygmalion. Each will magnify the talent of the other. “This meeting, Sautet will say, enlightened us both. »
BB always, with three books.Brigitte Bardot the last icon by Baptiste Vignol Brigitte Bardot by Aurore Nive andBrigitte Bardot Full view by Marie-Dominique Lelièvre (reissue).
A life without cheating, autobiography of the actress Pascale Petit, revealed by Raymond Rouleau in the film The Witches of Salemalongside Yves Montand, Simone Signoret, Mylène Demongeot… A burnt life by Emmanuelle Seigner. ” The last thing I thought I was doing in my life was writing a book. But I needed to tell this crazy story. The story of my family, a happy and loving family whose life changed. I dare to hope that the account of these events will make it possible to better understand them. »
Margot Capelier, casting queen of Corinne Bacharach. The story begins with a thunderbolt. That of Marguerite Leibowitch for the texts of Jacques Prévert. Seduced by his writing, she met the poet in 1934 (…). He recruited her as an assistant, this collaboration marking for the one who would become Margot Capelier the beginning of “her cinema life”. Thanks to the relevance of her gaze, her curiosity, her love for actors, she will invent a job that does not yet exist in France, that of casting director.
My Memoirs from Dream to Reality of Vladimir Cosma. Le Tall Blond with a black shoe, La Boum, Diva, Le Dîner de cons, An elephant cheats a lotThe autobiography of a Great composer, inspired melodist and conductor who became a “cult” for who : “Good film music is just good music. It must be both popular and scholarly. »

CELn°14 - BD -Welles-CAPRA_COUV-merged
Comics – Frank Capra – Orson Welles – Photo credits DR

From screen to box. The Extravagant Mr. Capra Comics by Arnaud Michel (drawing and color) and Antoine Lassalle (scripto). A dive into the Hollywood of the 1930s for a tasty and eventful adventure, freely inspired by real events. On Frank Capra see also here. Movie ghosts – Volume 1. Sunset, and beyond by Stephen Desberg and Attila Futaki. Jerry Fifth knows all the sins of the City of Angels, from prostitutes on Sunset Boulevard to Hollywood divas, from producers on a comeback to young actors on their way to stardom. We pay him to find lovers, illegitimate children, assassins, murdered people. Orson Welles – The Inventor of Dreams.Noël Simsolo and Alberto Locatelli revisit the filmmaker’s entire creative universe and the visionary character of his works by returning to the key moments of his career.

On the side of journals and magazines

CELn°14 - AL&BM
Alban Lenoir – Benoît Magimel – Photo credit: DR

For the 2e times this year, it’s a woman on the cover of No. 534 of First ! Better, it is not linked to a blockbuster ! It is true that with two Prizes in Venice, the selection to represent France at the Oscars and the Jean Vigo Prize, all this before the theatrical release, the magazine could not ignore the director Alice Diop and her film Saint Omer. File of the month. Also on the program, Lukas Dhont (Close), which evokes the works that marked him, Valeria Bruni Tedeschi (The Almond Trees), Benoit Magimel (Jack Mimoun and the secrets of Val Verden and Pacifiction: Torment on the Isles), Henry Selick (The Nightmare Before Christmas, Coraline) and returns to Willow by Ron Howard and Wayne’s World by Penelope Spheeris, as well as a nod to Monty Python.
The three films highlighted by Positive this monthhasaccompanied by an interview with the director are Armageddon Time by James Gray, Mine by Roschdy Zem and Nostalgia by Mario Martone. the think tank is dedicated to Jean-Luc Godard (JLG the extraordinary man of cinema) and the file is devoted to Francesco Rosi (Francesco Rosi greatness of politics)
It’s Benoît Magimel in One of the Cinema Notebooks and much of his #792 covered pacification with two interviews, one with the actor, the other with director Albert Serra. The other two films of the month are Armageddon Time by James Gray (with director’s interview) and The Almond Trees (and interview with Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi).
Alban Lenoir is on the cover of No. 117 of CinemaTeaser. The monthly met the main interpreter and Guillaume Pierret the director of Lost Ball 2, the ” Fast and Furious French-style ” including the 1er component was a hit during confinement on a famous platform. Among the many interviews of the month: Andrea Arnold (cow), Maria Schrader (She Said), Christian Bale (amsterdam), Darius Khondji (Armageddon Time), John Leguizamo (Violent Night), Sebastian Lelio (The Wonder)Pablo Pauly (Three nights a week).
Alain Robbe-Grillet,Pier Paolo Pasolini and Jean Grémillon are at summary of n°417-418 of Young Cinema. On the occasion of the retrospective by Malavida Louis Malle, provocative gentleman, the magazine put online a long interview that the director had granted in October 1987 and published in the November issue n°184.
The Seventh Obsession enjoy the release ofAvatar: The Waterway to devote a file (80 pages) to James Cameron with a commented filmography. Another dossier in this issue on spies and spies in the cinema.
Happy reading ;o)

Excerpts or trailers
Charlotte by Eric Warin and Tahir Rana
colors of fire by Clovis Cornillac
goodbye up there by Albert Dupontel
Saint-Omer by Alice Diop
We by Alice Diop
Nostalgia by Mario Martone
The House by Anissa Bonnefond
The Committed by Emilie Frèche
Bowling Saturn by Patricia Mazuy
The Black Squadron by Raoul Walsh
The Witches of Salem by Raymond Rouleau
Alexander the Blessed by Yves Robert
Diva by Jean-Jacques Beneix
Ace of Aces by Gerard Oury
An elephant cheats a lot by Yves Robert
amsterdam by David O’Russell
The meaning of life Monty Python
Close by Lukas Dhont
The Almond Trees by Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi
Pfeat: Torment on the Isles by Albert Serra
Jack Mimoun and the secrets of Val Verde by Malik Bentalha
The Nightmare Before Christmas by Henry Selick
Coraline by Henry Selick
Armageddon Time by James Gray
Mine by Roschdy Zem
Lost ball 2 of Guillaume Pierret
cow by Andrea Arnold
She Said by Maria Schrader
Violent Night by Tommy Wirkola
The Wonder by Sebastian Lelio
Three nights a week by Florent Gouelou
Louis Malle, provocative gentleman (6 restored films – The trailers)
Avatar: The Waterway by James Cameron.

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Cinema… in Readings n°14 (November 2022)