Christmas destination for 2022

“All I want for christmaaaas is youuuuu”

Do you feel targeted by this sentence? In any case you should! Indeed, apart from the fact that you will hear it all December (don’t thank me for having already put it in your head ;-))in a few days the famous countdown to the Christmas holidays will begin with its famous traditions: tree, light decoration, predominance of red and white, market, calendar ahead,… This concerns you just as much because the Christmas period is a great opportunity for market your destination and entertain your audiences: employees, partners, visitors, etc.

And you, what have you planned to bring the magic of Christmas to life? Do you need a little inspiration? So here some additional examples recent initiatives carried out by tourist structures to liven up this Christmas period. The perfect opportunity to position yourself and make sure you are expected for Christmas every year

use christmas symbols

Let’s start by deconstructing an often perceived idea: the magic of Christmas is not reserved for a certain type of destination (eg: mountain destination, with chalets, etc.). All destinations have a good reason to position themselves on the Christmas imagination! Indeed, even if you do not have any dedicated tourist offers or major events assigned to this period, such as the Christmas markets in Alsaceyou can totally stand out and find a way to create a Christmas that suits you.

To do this, you can simply use the different Christmas symbols: colors (red, green, white, gold, etc.), shapes (fir trees), smells (cinnamon, gingerbread, hot chocolate, etc.), values (family, warmth, )… All these elements are to be found in your speech and your communication. The holiday season must be visually present in your communication. Don’t forget that it must also be magical, so be creative about the content you are going to border.

Be careful not to overplay the Christmas image and always remember the link with its territory. So in the territory of Seignosse, the tourist office is committed to the protection of the environment and therefore offers us a Christmas communication accentuated on its values: manufacture of a recyclable Christmas tree, Christmas gifts from local merchants, etc. So many opportunities to display your values ​​and to link them to that of Christmas to exchange with your audiences and create a link around this theme!

Marketing products and activities

If the Christmas holidays often rhyme with family, yule log, Santa Claus and magic. They are also synonymous with reunions, family meals, gifts and so on. This can therefore become a real opportunity to develop your turnover. Whether it’s getting everything you need to prepare New Year’s Eve or Christmas meals, buying gifts to put under the tree, activities to do to keep the whole family occupied during this holiday period… So many opportunities to seize to increase your turnover. Here are a few examples we found:

Animate your destination

The Christmas period is a great opportunity to enchant your destination by using all the Christmas symbols and taking the opportunity to discover or even rediscover the destination. Of course, this type of action will require partnerships with the various actors present in your territories to create real synergy. Here are some examples of actions implemented by tourism stakeholders to animate their destination:

Motivate your teams

If the Christmas period is a great opportunity to create a magic for its visitors, it is also the case for its employees! In this period of end of holidays many animations can be planned to animate this period internally of the structure. to the greatest despair

Here are some examples of initiatives identified to bring the magic of Christmas to life as a tourist office. Do you also have other initiatives in mind? Or upcoming projects? Do not hesitate to complete this dose of inspiration in the comments!

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